Paul Simpson has spelled out the range of characteristics he wants from new signings at Carlisle United.

The Blues manager is setting about the task of rebuilding the squad that finished 20th in League Two last season.

And Simpson has outlined his wish to make United more robust and more athletic in the 2022/23 campaign.

Carlisle are expected to make a number of signings this summer with Simpson working with new head of recruitment Greg Abbott on targets.

The manager hopes to equip United to make a better fist of things next term than in last season’s relegation battle.

Simpson said getting the right blend will be essential.

“You’ve got to have a mix of everything – players who can deal with playing in front of a crowd, players who are resilient and robust enough to deal with the setbacks that are going to come our way,” he said.

“I want good footballers, athletic footballers, and I just want to get people who are going to improve us. That’s my thought process.

“Whether they be experienced, and it’s a short-term one for us, or a loan, or if it’s a young, up and coming hungry footballer…that’s what I want to try and get for Carlisle United.

“If we have a group of players who will wear their hearts on their sleeve, and run and run, I think Carlisle United fans will respond to that and come and watch it.”

Simpson released eight players at the end of last season, although one of that number – Jamie Devitt – will get the chance to prove his fitness in pre-season ahead of a possible deal.

He is awaiting answers from three more – Taylor Charters, Magnus Norman and Brennan Dickenson – on contract offers.

That will leave a host of spaces in the squad to fill.

Simpson stressed that he does not want to pigeon-hole potential signings at a time he will need a range of different qualities.

He also said United will be open-minded about the loan market when piecing a squad together.

Asked about his recruitment philosophy, he said: “There’s going to be a plan in place but we are not going to just put it into one box and say, ‘You have to be that box’.

“We want to bring players in – it might be experienced players to come and fill it on a permanent role, it might be young players to fill it on a permanent role, it might be young, emerging talent to come in on loan and we help part of their development by giving them the chance to play.

“The one thing I do want to do is bring players in that are going to improve us. It’s as simple as that.

“I want an athletic squad, I want a team who can play football, I want goalscorers…I want all of the basics you need to be successful as a football club.

“Whatever that takes within our budget, that’s what we’ll try to do.”

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