Paul Simpson says he wants as many new signings in place as possible before Carlisle United return for pre-season training.

The Blues boss is setting about the task of rebuilding his squad at Brunton Park after the end of the 2021/22 season.

Simpson released eight players with another departure in Joe Riley certain.

It will leave many spaces in the squad to fill and the manager wants plenty of business to be done before training starts on June 22.

“I think I want it done as early as possible,” said Simpson on the summer recruitment.

“I’ve already got areas I know I want to do as soon as possible.

“One thing I would say is I’m not going to make a knee-jerk reaction. I’m not going to rush into it. I have to make sure it’s right.

“The aim for me is to try and get as many of our group together [as possible] for June 22, when we start back for pre-season training.

“I’m also fully aware that’s not going to be the end product, that will be the starting point.”

United’s bid to make summer signings is now being overseen by Greg Abbott, who recently returned to Brunton Park as head of recruitment.

News and Star: Greg Abbott (photo: Stuart Walker)Greg Abbott (photo: Stuart Walker)

He and the Blues manager are narrowing down lists of targets in a range of positions as they try to equip the Cumbrians for a better 2022/23 season.

The three players offered new deals along with Riley – Taylor Charters, Brennan Dickenson and Magnus Norman – also have until the end of the month to respond.

Simpson, on the recruitment process, added: “I don’t think any of this happens overnight.

“We’re compiling targets to meet our criteria, and we’ll work from there.

“We have our main positions and types to focus on, and we’ll narrow the initial list down to a target list.”

Simpson said he expected to be working on a more focused target list this week, and said he is relishing the big task ahead.

“There’s a lot to do. But this job beats working. I’ve got no complaints,” he said.

“I’ve had periods when I’ve finished playing when I’ve been out of work, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

“We’ve got…not a blank canvas but quite a bit of room for manoeuvre with the players who are leaving.

“I genuinely wish them all well in their future careers but this is about setting up a plan to take Carlisle United forward.”

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