Carlisle United fans took to Twitter to give us their views on the Blues' retained and released list yesterday.

Here's a selection of their comments about Paul Simpson's decisions.

A couple on the retained list I would get on transfer list. Lewis [Alessandra] is a shame - he always played for the team. Howard is a miss but there are plenty of good keepers out there. I want Dickenson to do well, and he is versatile. (@adydent67)

Feeney's extension is great news. Howard going is a shame but I trust there's a reason, he had been key in staying up. Anyone else getting released has 46 games of reasons. Surprised at Dickenson being offered a new deal but I imagine Simmo will get the best out of him. (@krisfoster)

I’m very surprised Howard has been released, he was great for us when he came in and got to work under Simmo. His saves kept us in many a game and earned us the points to stay up. I’m not the manager, I’m an engineer, that’s why Simmo is paid by the club, he knows more than most (@carlislekev)

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Have 100 per cent faith in Simmo so will back his judgement. Someone's going to get themselves an outstanding goalkeeper on a free though. (@mtuj1974)

Hoping if Dickenson stays he shows his potential; had moments of great quality (Exeter away cross my favourite), just needs to find confidence. Gutted for Howard but hoping Simmo has a plan, could it be the return of Westwood... (@temps_1)

Only major surprise is Norman but I’m convinced he’ll become a good keeper and is a solid number two at this level. There’s a good player in Dickenson and if we play with wingers he can be effective. Seems a little harsh on Howard but I’d probably have released him too. Charters worth a look and Riley/Feeney both earned their deals. Club finished 20th in League Two. Not sure anyone released can complain. (@parkinsonross)

Howard the surprise, but Simmo knows best. There’s a player in Brennan, just need the best of him consistently if he signs back up. Glad Devitt has been give pre season, hopefully he gets a deal. Not surprised by the rest, but sad to see Lewi go as he’s been good for us. (@AdWhitfield94)

Not shocked at any of them, I personally would have kept Howard but sure Simpson has his reasons. (@cufccraig1983)

Howard going must mean Simmo has a goalkeeper lined up. I wonder who? (@LEEROTHERHAM)

Surprised that Howard is going and that Dickenson is staying. Simmo seems to be very clear on what he is looking for and he clearly sees something in Dickenson that he feels fits the mould. Best of luck!! (3ddiew)

I would probably have kept Alessandra on reduced terms. Very experienced now and is still a good option as a squad player for League Two. (@lewisrids3)

Brennan Dickenson is arguably the best crosser of a ball at the club and can deliver a real peach. If Simpson can get him playing in a position to get the best out of him and on a consistent basis, he could hopefully prove a few doubters wrong. The ability's certainly there. (@BackoSkiddaw)

The controversial calls are on Howard and Dickenson. They'll believe they can get an upgrade on the former and will value the versatility of the latter. Trust Simmo. Hope Devitt can prove his fitness and win a contract (@mathewclarke)

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IMO Simmo has seen these players for a bit now. I'm looking at how we played against the top teams lately. We did well, so are we that far away? Maybe not with five or six in. The big word here is consistency. In Simmo we trust (@Alan69333548)

Simmo has been lauded over the last ten weeks and now everyone is giving him a hard time. Come on, the guy knows what he is doing. Don’t pre judge. Wait for the results. (@richards_avril)

Would have liked to see Lewi Alessandra offered another contract. He's got a great footballing mind, awareness and experienced...but at the end of the day I'm not a football manager and in Simmo we trust, so let's just crack on now and see what happens (@tracy_sturgess)

No surprises really. I'm glad Devitt has been invited back for pre-season though. I thought that McDonald and Alessandra may have survived the cull. (@Playbytherulz)

Releasing Howard and Devitt is crackers… What has Dickenson done in the last three months to earn a new deal? (@PeteMcCormick6)

Gutted for Lewis. As good as Howard has been there are other, possibly better keepers out there. The rest I'm not bothered about, but Devitt getting chance for contract in pre-season is brilliant. Happy for Riley and Brennan (@dougrmurphy)