By Malcolm Nugent - CUOSC

CUOSC membership has increased by around 25 per cent over the last few weeks. We want to thank new supporters’ group Unita Fortior for their help in persuading fans to ‘come aboard’.

Since they began their campaign to try to make CUOSC more representative just over 100 fans have enrolled, taking total membership past the 500 mark for the first time in several years.

Some applications are still being processed but it should be noted that membership cannot be confirmed until payment is received.

Over the last few months CUOSC have constantly strived to increase membership and it is clear Unita Fortior have given this new momentum.

We have always believed the more members CUOSC have the bigger voice fans can have in the club’s boardroom.

If you are concerned because you haven’t heard from CUOSC about your membership application please contact us at It costs £10 for an adult to join for a year and £5 for seniors and under-18s.

CUOSC and Unita Fortior both want the same thing – a more successful club. Having had representatives at an informal gathering of fans organised by Unita Fortior a couple of weeks ago it was clear everyone there was fully committed to the Blues.

That is why we contacted Unita Fortior again asking for a meeting with members of their working group.

Although they don’t want a formal meeting they have agreed to send representatives to our supporters’ surgery prior to our home game with Swindon on Saturday week.

We have plenty to talk about and believe we can work with them constructively to try to move things forward.

News and Star: CUOSC's Billy Atkinson, third left, at an informal meeting called by new group Unita Fortior (photo: Barbara Abbott)CUOSC's Billy Atkinson, third left, at an informal meeting called by new group Unita Fortior (photo: Barbara Abbott)

Whatever happens we need all fans – even those at the end of their tether – to get behind the team.

Another dire home performance on Tuesday – a 3-1 defeat against Port Vale – means the Blues haven’t won for over a month and are in big trouble.

They need all the help they can get but if fans stay faithful they can often seem like an extra man. In return they would expect to see players fully committed and fighting for the cause.

Let’s hope it’s evident at Colchester on Saturday when there’s likely to be a good Blues following, particularly from the London Branch.

United this week unveiled a range of supporter portraits in the concourse underneath the East Stand. It was the next stage in the ‘My Club, My Shirt, initiative which aims at promoting diversity in the community.

Fans have until the end of March to view an exhibition of portraits in the Tullie House garden. It is well worth a look.