Fans behind a new Carlisle United supporter movement have explained more details about their approach and launch.

Unita Fortior lauched yesterday with a mission to drive up numbers in CUOSC in order to make the supporters' trust more representative of the wider Blues fanbase.

A group of 12 supporters are part of the working group which announced a wish to help end a period of "stagnation".

After unveiling their plans yesterday, Unita Fortior have today answered further questions from the News & Star.

Has Unita Fortior shared any of its plans with CUOSC and its leadership in advance of this launch?

No. After initially forming a working group we debated several ideas. It was the collapse of the EWM/Purepay proposed takeover during December that tipped the balance towards encouraging the fanbase to join the Trust en masse. The whole launch process has been handled by ourselves. 

Will it discuss any aspect of the plans with CUOSC now things are out in the open?

Our initial plan is very basic. Get as many new members as possible. Of course we have ideas, but we’d like to think those who step up and join would have many more too. The more members, the more ideas can be brought to the table as/when CUOSC hold member meetings. 

Does Unita Fortior intend to - or would it hope to - engage with CUSG (Carlisle United Supporters' Groups) or with the club in any other way?

We don’t see ourselves as a group in that sense, more of a gathering of fans with likeminded ideas and beliefs. We’d love to simply be the facilitator of a tranche of fans joining and in time shaping the Trust how they want it to be. CUOSC already attend CUSG, we don’t see that changing and we’d like to think over time they would be representing a much larger membership at the meetings.

Does Unita Fortior have a leader/spokesperson as such? If so, who; if not, how will decisions be driven/made?

Within the working group, the 12 of us have an equal say. There’s no hierarchy or positions as such. So far any decisions have been simple to make with all in agreement. We all have a common goal and that is to help reinvigorate a stagnant Trust.

What would Unita Fortior deem success/failure of its aims? Is 1,000 new CUOSC members, as suggested in the statement, the predominant goal?

1,000 seems a lot! But when you think about it, it’s not really is it? We have a Trust who own 25.4 per cent of the Holding company. That’s something many other Trusts dream of. As such, we think our fanbase should be much more involved than present. We don’t expect such growth overnight, but as the weeks pass we’d like to see steady, significant growth happen. This only works if fans get onboard, so join the Trust and help effect change for the better. This is our football club and your chance to have a true voice!

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