Crawley Town boss John Yems wants his team to make the most of the long trip to Carlisle United, saying: We're not just coming to take photos of Hadrian's Wall!

The Blues' visitors make one of the longest journeys of the campaign when they head to Brunton Park this weekend.

Manager Yems has spoken of the warm welcome he has always received at Brunton Park.

But he says the marathon trip is stictly business for 12th-placed Crawley against Keith Millen's Blues.

"I know Keith, their manager, well, he's a good football person, and it's a good club to go to. I've always been made welcome up there," Yems said.

"But in that 90 minutes you've got to win - it's what we work all week to do.

"You don't go up there just for the sake of having a long trip, take a few pictures of Hadrian's Wall or whatever you do up there and come back again.

"We're going there for three points."

Yems said his team will not be underestimating in-form United.

Crawley, like the Blues also head into the game amid a three-game winning run.

Of the 696-mile round trip to a ground where Crawley have only won once before, he said at a press conference: "It's a long one - plenty of films to watch [on the journey] and everything else - but it's got to be done. We've got to prepare right."

Yems this week added Southampton loan midfielder Caleb Wats to a squad that includes former United striker Ashley Nadesan.

"There's always room for improvement," he said of his side's form. "We've won in different ways [recently]. I'm looking forward to a good game."