Keith Millen today pledged to be a "driven and demanding" leader in a bid to improve Carlisle United's fortunes.

The new manager was speaking today at his first press conference since being appointed as the Blues' new boss.

Millen, 55, has been handed an 18-month deal by the Cumbrians, who are third bottom of the EFL.

The former Bristol City boss and Crystal Palace coach said he was "really excited" to have been given the opportunity at Carlisle.

And he said he will waste no time in making clear what he expects.

"I'm very driven and very demanding," Millen told the News & Star.

"It's all about the standards you create in training. That will be something I'll be driving and players will understand that - this is what's acceptable and what we have to do to become better.

"The process might take a bit of time but I have to start putting things in place straight away."

Millen said he had been preparing for an opportunity like this since a managerial spell in Sweden ended several months ago.

He was United's pick ahead of other candidates in a recruitment proecss which took 16 days after the sacking of Chris Beech.

Millen said he wants to lift the "environment" around the club.

"My experience tells me you have to prioritise what's important - in the next two days [before the Northampton game], what can I achieve?" he added.

"Then next week is a free week - what can we do in that time?

"Hopefully we can build the club. I need to look at the training ground, facilities...everything. I just want to try and improve everything.

"It's not all about money, although money helps.

"I don't know what the environment is like around here yet. I'm guessing probably a bit flat and negative.

"So we've got to change that."

In today's press conference Millen spoke about United's squad, the transfer market, the Blues' league predicament and his background - more coverage will follow at the News & Star.