WORKINGTON was left bouncing on Sunday after the town brought the League One Cup home to Derwent Park.

Chants of 'Oh when the town go marching in' echoed through the streets of the town centre and pubs along Washington Street into the early hours of the morning.

The town was buzzing after Workington Town RLFC defeated Doncaster in a fantastic 36-12 win- securing the club their spot in the Championship for next season.

Congratulations came to the club over social media from many organisations and people after the win.

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson also extended his congratulation to the town players saying: "It really was fantastic, I would like to send congratulations to the whole team, it's fantastic to see Town on the up."

Workington Academy congratulated the club at which some of its former pupils now play.

Seaton Rangers ARLFC took to twitter to say: "Congratulations to Workington Town" on a thoroughly deserved promotion. Outstanding across the park! Special mention to our former players Connor Fitzsimmons on a well deserved Man of the match and Caine Barnes who wasn’t far behind."

New Whitehaven Coach Jonty Gorley also congratulated the boys in blue and white saying that he was excited to see three Cumbrian clubs in the championship next year.

Workington Mayor Herbert Briggs said: It was a superb performance by Workington Town and and one really well deserved. I hope they do really well in the Championship."

The lads also proved how much they all look out for each other as a squad, with a kind gesture to one of there own who had to miss the final.

Town Legend and now Assistant Head- Coach Neil "Gus" Frazer was forced to isolate , meaning he could not make the game on Sunday.

Players and staff from the club, walked to Neil's house after the game to show him the trophy and sing the winning song with home over his fence.

On his twitter page the assistant coach said: "Words can’t describe how much this meant to me. What a team and what a club. An absolute privilege to be involved with Workington Town RLFC and so proud of how the boys played today. Up the Town."