Carlisle United fans have been quick to give their views on the sacking of Chris Beech and the Blues' hunt for a successor.

The head coach's tenure ended yesterday with the Cumbrians third bottom of League Two.

We asked supporters on Twitter for their opinions on the news, and on the kind of manager they'd like United to hire next.

Fans responded in their droves. Here's a selection of their opinions.

From the "best team in a decade" & "The Beech Boys" to falling apart at the seams. How does that happen?! Key players - Zanzala, Kayode & Tanner, in particular, were poorly replaced. Of late the side looked rudderless and lost and Beech, sadly, seemed to have run out of ideas. (@BackoSkiddaw)

Pleased he has gone but not pleased on a personal level. Never nice to lose your job. Ultimately collectively it's been a disaster, the final interview digging at two defenders leaving proved it. A manager who has a track record of success lower down, not a big name failure. (@Rewildthewild)

For one reason or another we just can’t seem to make no money work, and that is not an excuse. How can the likes of Morecambe and Accrington succeed with less of a budget than us ? It’s all about how they’ve adapted and got the best out of what they have whilst we continue to rot. (@josephscott2005)

CB was another manager that had many retraints imposed on him, and was bound to fail, like the others before him. Don't expect the new man to be a household name, whoever it is will probably fail too because of the set up at board level. (@peterjo91525330)

Deckchairs on the Titanic. I think CB has a bright future ahead, and this had to be done, but it's apparent that the current front office either will not or cannot invest in the team for the long term. Unless and until that changes, we're looking at hoping for midtable (@norraist)

Nice guy but had to go. Not entirely his fault, just look at the people above him. I'd love us to steal Challinor and Hill from Hartlepool. Grainger would be a good shout if he had an experienced head in as number 2. But... I have to say, CB was only one part of a massive problem (@martyn_haworth)

Honestly think folk are being a bit nice on him. I know it's not nice to see people lose jobs but the man's been stealing a wage for about 3 months now. Should've gone end of last season and this season was inevitable. It was a gamble, it didn't work, experienced head next plz (@Cazzum01)

2020/21 XI: Farman - gone. Tanner - gone. Bennett - gone. Hayden - gone. Anderton - gone. Mellish - stayed. Guy - stayed. Riley - stayed. Patrick - gone. Kayode - gone. Zanzala - gone. Not Beech’s fault but he isn’t good enough to navigate that. But the question is… who is good enough? (EdJBurgess)

Beech’s stubbornness cost him his job. Fans were prepared to give him leeway knowing the constraints he was under, but the mismatch between his tactics and the skill set of the playing personnel eventually made his position untenable. David Holdsworth needs to go too. (@mlgraham73)

Disappointed with the state of football that as soon as things get tough folk get on each other’s back and the decision is to get rid of the gaffer. Appreciate what Beech did for us, especially during lockdown & the last 5 games shouldn’t define him. UTB (@chriswatt44)

Its a shame how it turned out in the end, after the 1st half of his tenure. Decent guy, but it was time. Clubs been going backwards, and Holdsworth needs to follow him out the door. Keith Hill next for me, or maybe even ask Simmo the question. Just not Phil Brown! (@CabezaJake)

Dissapointment starts with the board,their decisons have not been sound for a number of years so move over and let young blood in. (@Alan_Matthews)

We all know the problems lie higher up with the BODs but there is still alot of good players in this squad who have lost their way over the last few months. Regardless of how badly the club is run an experienced manager and good assistant can still get results on the pitch. Surely if the likes of Flynn or Tisdale are avaliable its a no brainer with there records. Or bring back someone who knows the club ie Simpson or even Keith Curle (@Tomw0892)

Glad he’s gone because a change was needed but the changes can’t stop here. Holdsworth needs to be next out of the door - not sure who makes that decision but it should be made today. Also have zero faith in them getting the next appointment right and it’s such a crucial one. (@mattselliott)

Beech had to go but it’s a short term solution to a long term problem and realistically, whoever we hire next will be likely be in the same position as Beech in about a year from now. (@louisirons_)

The deck has been stacked against Beech since the virus outbreak in January 2020. On a crest of a wave, a player's, or players' actions caused the cancellation of games and loss of form, due to suffering from and recovery from CV. All fans hopes were dashed. Cue the exit of key players throughout the summer right up to the eve of the new season, courtesy of late agreed transfers after pre-season plans had been laid. Wonder how Beech really felt about that. Money in the bank, not spent. An unfit marquee player recruited, with others he chose apparently not up to speed, plus some early injuries "in training" it seems. And so it's gone from illness to bad luck to poor to terrible...and not all the fault of Beech imo. In the end he's been dealt a bad hand. But hey people, at least we're top of the Papa John's... (@LindaNi121202)

Feel for Beech so much potential at the start but we’ve never really recovered from the dip in form last season. I thought we were building a squad but that was trashed by Holdsworth not keeping key players, selling at bad times & not replacing he is equally to blame & must go. (@fish_blues)

Feel for Chris Beech exiting at #CUFC but his departure has felt fairly inevitable since the Sutton debacle. Ours is a tough job for any rookie manager to take. Should also be remembered that he had us playing some very effective stuff in the first half of his tenure. Always felt he was a capable operator at the level in terms of player acquisition, motivation, improving youngsters etc. But his blind spot is definitely tactically. Repeatedly failed to find a way to halt the decline/ utilise his new signings and has duly paid the price. Covid outbreaks, postponements, budget cuts and player sales all played their part, too. He’ll have learnt plenty though and I think he probably gets another crack as a No1 elsewhere, in time. A more experienced assistant would be a shrewd move, too. Good luck to him. As for #CUFC, anything but a catastrophic appointment should prompt a quick upturn, IMO. Still believe that the current squad is far better than recent results suggest and they will likely be gagging to just play some fluid football again. Interesting weeks ahead, mind. The new boss will need to give fans a morale boost and possess the emotional intelligence to pick up a side devoid of confidence. Regardless of who it is, though, #CUFC’s real issues are far, far more deep-rooted. Here’s hoping brighter days (and more changes) come soon. (@Matt_Hill93)

The run we have been on since the turn of the year warrants his sacking but realistically nothing is going to change at the club. Wholesale change at board and recruitment level is needed for the club to succeed. Next manager will face the same limitations that Beech has. (@alfiei7)

Think Beech will end up a decent manager. This experience will have helped him but he had to go under he current situation the team found itself in. Now we need an experienced head to take us on, hopefully someone like Paul Tisdale with league pedigree. (@2705TF)

Cut his arms and legs off so that he actually fell under the bus himself. CB will prove good but after being paralysed by our BoD there was no way back for him. A 4-3-3 man who was given a No10 as the top signing. Who’s fault is that, not Clough's, not CB… (@paulmason2000)

Had to go, long overdue. Signs were there last season. He couldn’t sort our terrible form out. I hope it’s BIG Clint Hill. Fans love him, well thought of wherever he’s been. Get an older head alongside him. I’d move Skelton on, been part of 2 disastrous management teams. (@ScottBeeby1)

Tisdale, Tisdale or Tisdale for me (@dougrmurphy)

TBH whomever appointed going to struggle with unbalanced squad and no cash to resolve. However had to go with such abysmal form and refusal to change tactics or formation week after week of failing. (@RMCAdelBlue)

Michael Flynn and a good assistant (@Rewnz123)

Symptoms of the problem we have had since Fred Story had enough. (@robbo2107)

Needed to happen, he could probably do a job at a well ran club but we don’t have that currently. Feel like they need to go for an experienced manager to help get us out of this mess (@hpow_6)

Liked CB as a man and he deserves credit for what he did for club since taking over until around Xmas last year but since then it’s been poor and shown no sign of turning round. Good group of players there, does Greg Abbott fancy a return to management? (@AdamHarrison4)

The biggest problem at the club remains. Sadly, until Jenkins leaves the club is going nowhere. You might get a manager who can improve things for a while but the state of the club means it isn't sustainable. If he really loved the club, as he claims, he would walk away. (@ticketaddict)

Correct decision... possibly the worst side I’ve seen in my lifetime. Squad seems to have no identity, leaders or passion! Big job to turn this side around. We need someone who can connect fans and club together. Flynn would be great but someone with CUFC past may be required. (@stuferg1990)