Carlisle United's season went from bad to worse as a 3-0 defeat at Bristol Rovers left them third bottom of League Two.

Blues fans on Twitter gave us their views on the game and United's predicament.

Fans are numb with dire expectation now. Thanks to reluctant owners, a club forever in the 90s and a supporters group not fit for purpose, our weekends are ruined long before a ball has been kicked. (@inthecity_cufc)

This one was a difficult one to take against a team in a similar predicament. We struggled to lay a glove on them and rarely (if ever!) threatened as Bristol Rovers ran out comfortable winners. Unfortunately changes need to be made and not only managerial but those above! (@CowellLes1975)

We have nothing, no experience, no leaders, poor defence and midfield and nobody that looks like scoring - it's just about as bad as it gets. I've always been a big Beech fan and always backed him and still think Holdsworth should be first on the chopping block but time for change (@cufccraig1983)

I genuinely can’t see how things will change with Beech in charge. His decisions on a game-by-game basis are those of a manager who is not quite clear of what to do, and the results - to be frank - are not very good... (@geegraeme01)

Desperate for a goal. Confidence so low. All the newness in the team showing, with players trying to do it on their own. Last season's players still look gutted about the players we lost. Roll on Saturday. Would love to see how we play with an early goal on the board (@chriswatt44)

What can I say without being banned from Twitter? Not much! Absolute garbage, Beech has to go no ifs or buts (@cufc_andy17)

I actually thought we put in an improved performance 1st half, albeit without any end product, and stayed in the game till the 86th minute. However the fact remains we have no strength or guile up front. Plus as @Ibehre said on @bbccumbriasport there's no leaders geeing people up (@LindaNi121202)

Morale of the team is clearly shot as these aren’t tight losses - lose a goal and we lose more in quick succession. Worst of all, the goals today weren’t the set piece sins. If open play defence is going as well, hard to know what redeeming features the side has. (@HYFPRW)

No points, no goals, no clue, no direction, no plan, no forward thinking, no succession and most of all no hope we are going to get out of the downward spiral we currently find ourselves in! Thoroughly depressing times at the moment!! (@cumbrianbluess)

Changes should have been made weeks ago, certain players don't look interested. Can't defend, can't score. We deserve to be where we are at the moment. (@CarlisleDave79)

Time for a change. No point in dragging this out any longer, he's incapable of turning this around. Tranmere next week and let's be honest, bar a huge unlikely improvement, more of the same will mean another defeat. Give the new boss a chance to look at the squad asap (@leerooney)

Honestly the club just makes me feel empty at the moment. There’s nothing exciting about anything the way things are run. Can almost guarantee we won’t get anything from a game when we go a goal behind and yet we always go a goal behind. Serious change needed from top to bottom. (@Guuuuuy)

Despite a late flurry from BR, we hung on to earn more yellow cards . On other matters, same formation, same result. A change at board level is needed but a managerial change is required now (@DaveGMcM)

Farman, Tanner, Hayden, Bennett, Patrick, Zanzala, Kayode all gone - have any of them been replaced by even a comparable player ability wise? Not even close. Is that the manager’s fault? Who knows - but it’s certain he has no idea what to do with what he has got and must go. Now. (@jpastalker)

No fight, no desire, no nothing, we’re just not very good (@Matthewgaskell9)