Bristol Rovers boss Joey Barton says he already knows what Chris Beech's team-talk will be ahead of today's clash with Carlisle United.

The Pirates manager says Beech will highlight Bristol Rovers' financial resources before the game at the Memorial Stadium.

Barton says games against his own team are "everyone's final" in League Two because Rovers are a "big noise" in the division.

He says his team will have to be ready to face Carlisle at their best because all opponents raise their game against Bristol Rovers.

The teams are level on points, with 19th-placed United a position ahead of the Pirates on goal difference.

Barton said: "Beechy's team are not in a great spell of form themselves.

"They were in the top echelons of the division [last season] then since they wer shut down for Covid, they've been in apoor little run since then.

"I know what [Beech] is like - he's a good coach, worked with Keith Hill for years, and they'll be at it.

"I can tell you the team-talk now, because I know Nick Anderton [Rovers' former United defender] - it'll be 'look how much the players are geting paid, look at all these things they've got'.

"That's very manager's team-talk when they play us. We're everyone's final, because everyone wants to play for Bristol Rovers, because they see our fanbase and the pitch we've got.

"We face the best version of everyone [because] we're a big noise in the division."

Barton, in a long monologue through his club's YouTube channel, said he had been to church this week to gather his thoughts amid Rovers' poor start to the season.

He said: "I had a good hour, alone with my thoughts. I realised that I've been sent here to help this football club out of the doldrums."

He warned supporters there were no "quick fixes" available and called for fans to back him, the team and owner Wael al-Qadi.

He also compared the task of reviving Rovers to climbing mountains.

"I know how to get up high mountains, to be a sherpa - that's my job, to lead young lads up [footballing] mountains they didn't think they were capable of."

Sam Finley is out for the hosts through injury but Luke Thomas and Sam Nicholson could return.