HAVEN'S form in the latter part of the season has landed them a place in the play-offs.
Whitehaven RLFC have continued their fantastic second half of the season and secured a win against Bradford Bulls on Sunday. 
They are now looking forward to the first game of the play offs against Halifax this weekend. 

Jonty Gorley, Assistant Coach of Whitehaven RLFC, said: "It's brilliant who'd have thought we'd have got 36 points against Bradford.

"The team deserve all that they've achieved because the commitment that they've put in has been exceptional.

"We've been playing really well lately and controlling games."

During the first half an hour of the game against Bradford Whitehaven struggled.

But in the second half managed to bring it back with a really impressive performance.

They ended up winning the game 36-22 and all of the team were ecstatic about the brilliant result.

Mr Gorley said: "It's the stuff of fairytales, we've got to believe in ourselves.

"We feel like we can match most teams if we play the best that we can.

"But we've got to take it one game at a time."

Whitehaven beat Halifax at home earlier in the season so are remaining hopeful about facing off against them away.

If Whitehaven win this coming game they will then face off against Toulouse who have proved to be a very tough side this season.

Jonty explained that Toulouse have put on a very good performance this season and in his opinion are the best side Whitehaven have faced this year.

Whitehaven didn't have the best start to the season but have came back in more recent matches putting on an outstanding performance.

Mr Gorley added: "We can't stress enough how amazing the support has been this season.

"The fans are amazing they really made an effort at the Bradford game.

"Some even came in fancy dress and played drums and all you could hear were chants for Whitehaven.

"Hearing this will only spur the players on."