Carlisle United left it late to salvage a point against Scunthorpe United.

Fans gave us their views on the 2-2 draw on Twitter.

Hopeless 1st half. Team looked completely off it. Falling over, misplaced passes. Scunny pressing high unsettled us. 2nd half our possession was toothless until Alessandra and Dickenson came on. Beech doesn't know his best 11, doesn't know how to play Clough..we're going nowhere. (@BruceVander)

We were shocking, Scunthorpe were somehow even worse, Young has to start from now on, he looked a good player and we looked better when he came on. (@joeleigh95)

Well after what was on offer at Crawley last week I was expecting bums would have been kicked - sadly I very soon had my head in my hands. Endurance (without the banjos) till 81 mins was the watchword but my fellow lady fan beside me predicted if we got one we'd get another (@LindaNi121202)

Poor first half lacking in ideas and any sense of a game plan. Abrahams should be dropped, gives the impression of a player going through the motions to pick up a wage. Clough looks nothing like the player in pre-season and again we were only competitive after his substitution. (@Wisey6575)

Abrahams can’t keep starting games, he has offered nothing and when you have to resort to putting a centre-half up top for the last 10 minutes surely it’s obvious that we need to get a forward in who can hold the ball up and win some headers. (@joecufc2006)

Surely gotta have Brad Young in the starting 11 next week (@Rewnz123)

I usually feel ecstatic with an injury time equaliser / winner,yiu simply can't beat the feeling but today I just feel deflated. We were absolutely awful from minute 1 to minute 80 against a very very poor side? (@brennyboy66)

Abysmal, all over the place with a formation I could not work out (@rocknrolo)

Time to scrap his default team sheet and start from scratch, build around Gibson. Play players who show desire, like Riley, Mellish, Allesandrs. Abrahams out of his depth at this level, Young hasn't shown enough. If we play long, have someone who can hold it. (@NeilConnor)

Absolutely weird tbh. Said afterwards neither side deserved a point - we were clearly the stronger team but played down to their level and basically handed them two goals. Young, Alessandra and Dickenson changed the game, Gibson good as were the two CBs. Rest poor, goalie dire. (@epouvantail)

1st half was horrendous. Just long ball football and we struggled to string more than 2 passes together. The point is a bonus today. (@Philbell719Phil)

Dire performance against a really poor team. Beech needs to take a long look at himself after that. He doesn't seem to be able to motivate the team and his reaction to the equaliser wasn't acceptable. (@ticketaddict)

That disappointed me so much very very poor display. I believe we do have a side capable of at least the play-offs but I just don’t think Beech knows his best team or the right formation or tactical nouse. He’s getting found out now, unfortunately too 'cause I like Chris Beech (@Ianwsanderson)

Worst performance for some time against the worst team we’ve played this season. No urgency, no quality. Abrahams offers absolutely nothing. Clough looks overweight. You cannot tell me Toure doesn’t improve this team. Draw was undeserved and I’m in the Beech out camp now (@parkinsonross)

Shouldnt have gone 2-0 down to begin with, can't let the late goal cloud our judgement of that one, nowhere near good enough, bit of hostility near the Scunthorpe dugout at the end though, all for celebrating in front of them but some of the stuff I heard crossed the line. (@OCF_YT)

Pathetic! (@ScottBeeby1)

We have the players to play the ball on the ground and to feet, this first half hoof ball is pointless..feel for Abrahams having to chase them. Guy, Clough, Gibson, Young, Alessandra all good with the ball at feet...let's play to our strengths. (@peterbell83)

Totally unacceptable performance in first half. Bit better in 2nd. Chris Beech is not the man for the job. His in the face of the 4th official totally unprofessional. Sorry 1/10 for getting an undeserved draw. (@Paddockgirlie)

It's humbling to be given a chasing for an hour at home to the 91st placed team in the league isn't it? Seven wins in 34 (in all comps) since Jan 31. Saturdays aren't much fun, hoping Oldham & Walsall keep losing. Sweeping change required. Starting at the very top. Otherwise... @RegReagan2)

Don't tweet when angry, don't tweet when angry, don't tweet when angry. (@martyn_haworth)