A local rugby union team are getting into full preparation mode for the new, upcoming, season.

Penrith RUFC will be playing their first trial game on Saturday 21st August against Penrith Grasshoppers ahead of the rugby season which begins on September 4th.

The game will be held at 3pm at Winters Park.

Mike Sanderson, the Team Manager, said: "It will be very nice to play and get some proper rugby under our belts.

"After not playing for eighteen months the club and I are keen to get back into it."

"The players are desperate to get a start as they haven't played since 2019."

Preston Grasshoppers are a tough side to face and are two divisions above Penrith.

However they may use their second team during the game giving Penrith's side a decent chance at success.

However it goes it will be a good test to see how the side need to prepare in the last few weeks before the season begins.

They will also face off in a friendly game against Cockermouth before the season begins giving the side a chance to prove themselves and get some more experience.

There was some concern from the club that due to a long absence from being involved in actual matches the players may not be ready to perform.

But we've been informed that the team have been having very good turnouts at their training sessions and have also welcomed some new faces.

So things may be looking optimistic for the Cumbrians this season.

Mr Sanderson explained: "We normally have a handle on where the other teams are.

"But with not seeing them play in so long its going to be a bit of a shot in the dark to see how they've progressed."

"With the Covid 19 restrictions that have been in place over the past eighteen months we've only been able to train as much as we've been allowed.

"However, we've done so as much as we can and have started with some serious pre season training."

Penrith's first match of the season will be away against Stockport which will come with its share of challenges.

Mr Sanderson informed us that many of their wins are achieved when they play at home.

Playing away always gives an advantage to the opposing team he said.

Yet they will be more hopeful for their next game which is at home to Douglas from the Isle of Man.

Penrith will be welcoming back Aaron Pampilon this season who is a local man that has previously played for the club during his student days.

Now, aged 28, Aaron is heading back home and the side say he will be a strong addition to the Penrith three quarter line and that he s an excellent centre.

Another player to return this time around is JJ Key who hasn't played in over five years but has decided to take the game seriously once again.

He was a strong player and now should be just as good in the senior rugby circle.