An official supporters group has been launched at Whitehaven Rugby League.

Whitehaven RL today announced the launch of an official supporters group headed up by Shaun Drinkwater and Simon Taylor.

The pair are long term fans of the club and for a number of years have been involved in fundraising which has been vital for Haven during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both have also given up countless hours during the club's return to the field this season helping with covid protocols on matchdays at the LEL Arena. 

Speaking about the launch of the group the club's CEO Andrew Canavan said: "I am delighted that Shaun and Simon wish to work even closer with the club and its board.

"Over the past few years this supporters group, led by Shaun and Simon, have generated a vast amount which has been vital, even more so during the past 18 months or so.

"They have some big plans already which will add to the work they already do, and I am looking forward to seeing those come to fruition."

Shaun Drinkwater was ecstatic about about the launch of the official supporters club. 

He said: "Me and Simon are delighted with the new title of Whitehaven RLFC official supporters group we have handed over £10,000 in the last 12 months helping the club with various much needed items around the club, we are delighted that we can help the club even more next season and have loads of ideas which we hope our fans will continue to support us with, we are both looking forward to working with the club and help in anyway we can. 

"The team and the future of the club is exciting.”