As pubs have been suffering a lot in with a lack of business due to current coronavirus restrictions in place, many of them have found the Euros to be hugely beneficial.

Several pbs in and around the area have been making an effort to attract more footfall and bookings to get the spirits up for England matches.

Dylan McKenzie runs the Apple Tree pub in The Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle, and has said the Euros have meant that for the first time in a while, his pub has been full, and has been for every England game.

Dylan said: "We always have a full pub now.

"We make an effort during the matches too.

"We play all of the build-up before the match.

"We also have a soundboard with all of the football songs on them.

"We have a lot of drink deals on too, we have some interesting shot deals.

"At the moment, our capacity is at 70 people.

"Because of the Euros, it definitely feels a lot more like a normal pub again."

The Beehive on Warwick Road has some decorations up as well, they said: "Business has been brilliant.

"Football is a distraction, and you can kind of see normality returning."

They have a lot of drink offers on too: "We have a deal on where you can buy ten pints for your table at once so it's all sorted, making it easier for everyone."

Trish Bell runs The Griffin by Carlisle Station, and said: "We've got absolute heaps of bookings.

"We only have a few seats left."

"We see people are overbooking tables but we've got wise to that now - we're most likely having to go bookings only from 5:00pm.

"At the last match everyone was singing the national anthem.

"It was really quite moving.

"Hopefully we will win against Germany, and get through, so we can host an England game here again."