Rhys Bennett has issued a personal thank-you to Carlisle United - and said there is no bad blood between him and the Blues.

The out-of-contract defender used a YouTube video to express his gratitude for the "love and support" he says he received last season.

And Bennett also referred to recent comments about the deal he had been offered by the Blues.

In a live stream recently the centre-half told fans he felt the terms tabled were "quite disrespectful" and something he could not sign.

The 29-year-old now says the way those comments were "portrayed" did not accurately reflect his character.

But he also apologised for having discussed the situation so publicly.

Bennett said his message was to "everyone at Carlisle United - thank-you so much for your love and support this season...ever since I walked through the door."

He said his team-mates, staff, Chris Beech, chairman Andrew Jenkins and director of football David Holdsworth had all shown him "love".

He said that, despite United missing out on promotion last season, "Carlisle United is in such a good place and long may it continue.

"I just want Carlisle to do well."

Regarding his future, Bennett said he did not currently know what would happen.

But he said his reason for making the video was also so he could "clear a few things up".

On his comments on the contract offer, made on a Twitch gaming stream and subsequently discussed by fans on social media and reported in the News & Star, he said: "I didn’t feel like what was portrayed as what I said…matches how I view my character.

"There will never be any problems between me and the football club.

"The club made me an offer to stay, and like in all things, it’s a negotiation. Negotiations should be kept private. I do apologise for my part in that.

"There is never going to be any bad blood between me and anyone at the club.

"The reason why I stated those things is because I was asked those things and I wanted to be honest with the fans."

Bennett said he wanted to be straight with supporters because of the "connection" he feels he has with Carlisle's faithful.

He referred to his live stream in January when Bennett, backed by Blues supporters, raised thousands of pounds for mental health charity Mind.

"The last thing I want to do is to start tearing fractures between members of the football club," he added.

"I was quite upset that I was represented in that way, but I left myself in a position where I could be - that is my fault and apologise for that.

"I don't know where my future will lie but I want to thank you for you support this season.

"I really do hope Carlisle, whether I stay or go, get promoted, because you deserve it."

He added: "There was never ever going to be [a case of] ‘He said this, I'm gonna say that’. That wasn’t my intention. I don't want to fall out with the club.

"I've had good memories there, there are some good people there and I want the club to succeed."

United DoF Holdsworth was asked about Bennett's contract comments at last week's fans' forum.

He responded by saying he would not discuss a player's individual contract situation.

But he made pointed remarks urging players not to "bleat" about deals they had been happy to sign in the first place.

He also said players should not discuss such situations "while playing Space Invaders with fans".

Bennett was one of six players offered new deals at United at the end of last season.

Nick Anderton has since turned the Blues down in order to join Bristol Rovers, while Morgan Feeney has signed new one-year terms with United. The futures of Bennett, Omari Patrick, Offrande Zanzala and Paul Farman are yet to be resolved.