The Edinburgh Woollen Mill director who has sat on the Carlisle United board for the last three years has "reduced" his involvement at Brunton Park, the club say.

John Jackson has since 2018 been a director on the CUFC Holdings board which also comprises the club's owners and main shareholders.

But since the collapse of EWM's retail business and the end of the firm's loan facility to the Blues, the director is less involved with the Blues.

He retains a seat on the Holdings board, but United chief executive Nigel Clibbens told fans today: "Since the funding of EWM had ceased, and the insolvency of EWM, that involvement has reduced accordingly."

Clibbens was responding to questions from users of forum as part as the latest Carlisle United Supporters' Groups meeting.

He explained that EWM financial controller Jackson's role was "always very limited" with United.

Jackson is also a director of Purepay Retail Limited, the company that Carlisle owe £2.1m.

That amount was previously owed to EWM until that company went into administration and was subsequently incorporated into Purepay, which is run by Jackson and another EWM figure, Steve Simpson.

Clibbens referred to a previous answer when elaborating on Jackson's Blues role. 

“In terms of running the club, [he] does not attend games or the club, he is not involved in operational matters or football," Clibbens said in February last year.

"His involvement is remote, with a very light touch. His role is not involved in running the club, it’s focused mainly on simply monitoring our finances – like forecast cash requirements and monthly accounts and budgets and, if required, to consider material contracts we enter into.

"This allows him to be the link with EWM on the commercial funding agreement, and things of interest to EWM when required.”

Clibbens said Jackson is now "the nominee of the new holder of the debt previously advanced to 1921 by EWM, and acts as the main contact point for them."

It was confirmed recently that no more EWM loans would be available to United.

The funding arrangemenet was set up in 2017. The Blues have said they have not drawn on the facility for more than a year.

Jackson has never given interviews about his or EWM's role with the Blues.

Clibbens said in response to fans' questions that the club hierarchy remain "committed" to "succession" at the club.

It was long believed that EWM would take greater involvement in the Blues but that appears less certain now.

United have said they are in the process of organising a fans' forum which the club owners will attend.

"This is likely to take place after the end of the season, and to be carried out under COVID rules and streamed via Facebook Live. More information to be provided when available," the Blues said.

Clibbens also explained how United had weathered the financial storm of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting minutes say: "The club will make up a £1.2m income shortfall with the help of the EFL support package, iFollow revenue, Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, cost savings before other income from player sales/ add-ons. Nigel C called it a ‘brilliant outcome’ for CUFC."