Carlisle United's play-off hopes are effectively over after last night's 1-1 draw at Cheltenham Town, who were promoted.

Blues fans gave us their thoughts on the game and the end of the team's promotion bid on Twitter.

Kayode's got real quality, hasn't he? He makes difficult finishes look easy. Callum Guy was excellent & the football played was good to watch. Should've seen more of Walker. Feels like it was a season snatched away and of what ifs. We'll never know how it could've been. (@BackoSkiddaw)

Good game and a real fighting effort tonight. Fallen short but I have hope for next season now. We need to be at the top end next year though. We have been in this league too long. (@scholes_peter)

Proper football broke out once again and it was great to see. Not sure what to make of the games that haven't looked like tonight's. Like night and day, Saturday's offering and tonight. Players or tactics?? (@LindaNi121202)

We shouldn't be going to top of the league needing a win to stay in it, we should be doing the job at home vs Harrogate, Port Vale, Grimsby etc. (@UKnowtheDrill)

That was a proper performance last night against the best side in Lg2. This season would of broken many a team, but this young side are developing all the time and clearly enjoying playing for the club and for Beech. Room for improvement yes, but more positives than negatives. (@BenJoseph0157)

That’s the best performance I’ve seen since we were top of the league, shame it took us so long to find a good performance, suppose there’s always next year which as a Carlisle fan I’m quite frankly getting sick of saying... (@lewis06797925)

Performance was great but at the end of the day it means nothing now, would like to see Scott, Charters etc start the next 2 but hopefully we can keep the core of the squad together and we’ll have a strong push next year (@Matthewgaskell9)

Good performance against a good side. Showed a real willingness to defend but also maybe a lack of creativity that has cost us this season. (@parkinsonross)

Good game, played more football possibly could have nicked it. But fans should stay positive. Beech's 1st season as head coach. We did get to the top at Xmas, some good players signed, injuries, then lockdown, unprecedented number of call-offs. Been tough. By keeping majority of squad together adding a few more quality players I think United could/should be in top three next season. Overall I enjoyed the season. I feel Beech will be a better coach going forward (@IanWSanderson)

Defended well. Didn’t give up many chances, didn’t create many ourselves though. (@fozzybear19)

The Cumbrian Conundrum. How was it that we played badly at the beginning then went stratospheric only to plummet to the basement and then revive but alas all too late? The Cheltenham game was the best football game and contest that I have viewed all season. It was riveting and Carlisle played as well as in the strato months. Each and every one was brilliant. Reasons for the poor initial performance - fitness. Reasons for abysmal post Christmas performance in my firm opinion was diminution of fitness caused by Covid. Reasons for poor post Christmas performance in my opinion was diminution of fitness caused by Covid. The club has not revealed the extent of the Covid problem that hit the players in terms of how many or how deeply they were disadvantaged. I would guess there was three key midfield players infected which amounted to a reduction in team performance ability. Last minute opposition goals and Lummy’s reports of in game tiredness might be a corollary to my thoughts (@stanjcook)

If you’re looking at it realistically it’s 6 without a win (@keithelliott94)

Played more football and for the first time this season Beech changed tactics and adjusted throughout. Guy and Tanner standouts, Mellish, Riley and Kayode did well too (@JoeBardsley74)

50 years of following them..? It’s actually getting boring.. we don’t look like we want to be going anywhere.. (@martincosgrove3)

Very strong performance. We didn’t test their keeper enough. Going long at the end doesn’t seem to creat chances, play football! Loads of potential for next season but we must build on what we have! (@fish_blues)

(and from a Cheltenham fan...)

I have to say I was really impressed with you lot first half. Put us under the cosh big time. Keep a lot of that squad together and with the right mentality you'll be back in the mix. (@SydneyDanno)