Carlisle United director of football David Holdsworth says the Blues’ post-Edinburgh Woollen Mill financial plans will “come out in the wash”.

United no longer have access to the loan facility set up by EWM back in 2017 as a result of the retail firm’s recent collapse into administration.

Carlisle’s £2.1m debts to Philip Day’s firm have not been called in, and are now instead owed to a new company, Purepay Retail Limited, one of whose key figures is Blues director and EWM finance chief John Jackson.

It has raised new questions about the prospect of ownership “succession” and future investment in the Blues after a pre-Covid period when EWM looked set to take greater involvement at Brunton Park.

Asked for his take on the succession plans now, Holdsworth – who is close to EWM supremo Day – said: “That’s something that will remain private.

“I can only thank EWM for the period of time I’ve been here and I know for a fact that Carlisle’s very grateful for the support EWM have given them.

“They are a company that’s had a tough time and have come through it, I wish them every success in the future.

“As for the way forward, that’s going to be for the Holdings board and whoever else, but it’s not affecting me in terms of how I go about my business.

“I’m confident, and I’ve spoken to the people that I need to speak to – I’m very happy with where we are.”

Asked by BBC Radio Cumbria if there was any further news about possible investment in the club, Holdsworth added: “I think that will come out in the wash, at the relevant time.

“I’m working to make sure this club is financially secure in terms of where I go with that, with what we have to spend, and I’m extremely confident we can keep working hard.

“We have to work extra hard because we don’t have as much funds as somebody else. But it doesn’t bother me one iota.”

Holdsworth said the club will continue to benefit from deals struck in the past for players such as Everton’s Cumbrian defender Jarrad Branthwaite.

United have already received significant extra funds as a result of the former Blues teenager’s early first-team breakthrough at Goodison Park last season.

Holdsworth said: “We know we’re in good hands, those deals are still ongoing, and we still reap the benefits of Jarrad and the other ones.

“Long may that continue. They’re very structured deals that the club will benefit from success.”

The EWM situation, meanwhile, means the firm will no longer sponsor United’s kits after a four-year stint.

Carlisle-based company Thomas Graham Limited will instead be the shirt sponsor next season.

United announced the deal last week with the firm run by Blues vice-president Roger Smith.

The deal came weeks after chief executive Nigel Clibbens said he anticipated plenty of interest in the opportunity to sponsor United’s kit.

Holdsworth said: “I wanted [a] local company. It sprang out to me that Roger Smith was the main man to go to. It was a no-brainer.

“Roger’s face tells the picture. He’s delighted to be there. It’s a strong local company and we’re delighted we got to have an agreement.

“It might stimulate others to come on board as well, [as] we’re looking at getting more sponsorship and commercial deals – our finger’s on the pulse.”

Holdsworth said United’s 2021/22 Errea kits will be officially launched in “early to mid-June.”

He added: “In the last three years I’ve been very pleased with how the shirts have gone in sales but also in the colours, the fans have embraced that.

“We’ve got two strong kits [coming up]. The home kit I think will be a really good seller, and the away kit’s something new and exciting for us to wear next year.

“The sad thing for me this season has been, when I did the deal out in Italy last summer, the orange kit is vibrant and I was desperate to have an orange army [of fans] that resembled the Dutch army in the 70s and 80s when the Dutch kit was vibrant colour.

“Unfortunately our fans haven’t been able to embrace that [by attending games in the away kit].

“But this year we’re delighted, Roger’s really pleased with the kit and we’re looking forward to it. We must thank EWM for the last four years and the amazing support we’ve had over a difficult period - we’re absolutely grateful.”