It was honours even in the all-Cumbrian clash as Carlisle United drew 2-2 at Barrow.

Offrande Zanzala's penalty earned the Blues a point after Scott Quigley and Patrick Brough had overhauled United's early lead through Jack Armer.

United fans gave us their views on the game afterwards.

Decent point considering it was not great for long periods. They were physical & rattled Carlisle who got drawn into the kind of game Barrow wanted - a scrap. It was too predictable & uninspired from Carlisle & too often punted hopefully forward. We look better playing football. (@BackoSkiddaw)

Great start, Great ending, and that's about it. Did well to get a draw out of the game. Ref was awful. Big game on Tuesday. (@tracy_sturgess)

I’m content with a point given the performance! Improvement required for Tuesday and the remainder of the campaign. Worryingly, winning a game from being behind still feels like a mountain to climb for this team (@nathan_ridley_)

A fair result in the end but we found it hard going. A few players got bullied. Ref awful. (@scholes_peter)

Point's a point just wish we’d keep it down and play football a bit more, have to win Tuesday (@NavyDave94)

Bit disappointing, started well. But after conceding 2 goals United struggled. In the end take the point and move on.. (@alantorchwood)

Positive - coming back from behind to earn a point. Negative - looked shaky at the back, struggled to cope with the physical side of Barrow's game. Will be a good point if they pick up 3 against Newport (@CowellLes1975)

OK result that keeps us firmly in the play off picture. Mixed performance with shaky defending still a concern but we showed resilience to rescue a point when things were going against us, including poor officiating. Either side could have nicked it at the end. (@mlgraham73)

Bullied and not helped by a weak ref. Wouldn’t you just love to see how much Kev Gray or Stephane would have let Quigley get away with! (@j_michaelb)

Out of the starting blocks quickly, but were pegged back and gave ourselves a massive hurdle to get over. We huffed and puffed but lacked quality all over for most of the game. Got back in it with the pen, but never looked like we'd win it. The ref was beyond atrocious! (@cumbrianbluess)

I worry how much we lack resilience when going behind. It's a young team, so I'll cut them some slack here but that's an area we have to improve on. Barrow were the better side, so it's a decent point in the end. All to play for at Newport - must not lose. (@1StevieKilner)

Good point but still believe that McDonald is a liability. Would like to see Anderton given a chance in the middle whilst Bennett is injured. Good to see us get a point from a goal down against one of the league's form teams. (@GlacialGlory)

Too many long balls. We have a good midfield but don’t try and get the best out of them (@mickychilts)

Have to be honest, I was disappointed overall, we started the game really well, took a deserved lead and had Barrow where we wanted them, but two mistakes and we’re chasing game resorting to hoof ball, frightening also how Quigley bullied us (@matty017)

Happy with the point all things considered, if we can take 3 from Newport on Tuesday then I feel this point will become alot more valuable. (@YTKaen)

Back to more tactical ineptness from Beech. If plan A doesn’t work (press, overwhelm oppositions) then go for plan b (lump it long). Predictable and any manager worth his salt can cope with it. We have technical players yet he carries on this nonsense (@JoeBardsley74)

Good point end of the day but a poor performance as soon as they scored. Didn't seem to have any other tactic other than lumping it forward. Team lacks fight especially when we go down or the other team fancies a scrap (@alextripney)

Point is better than nothing, but too much long ball and head tennis, very scrappy second half. (@peterjo91525330)

Referee was atrocious, they bullied us around the park, we look weak, unable to string passes together, reliant on long balls... if we get a few ball players in the summer then we should be ok, but for now it’s dire viewing (@James220203)

Think we underestimated Barrow today. We got bullied by a very physical side, and not much protection from Ref Stockbridge who just about evened things up by awarding the penalty. I had a bad feeling about Zanzala taking but that proved unfounded. The old panic stations returned and we reverted to long ball desperation. A fair result all in all, we didn't deserve anything more. (@LindaNi121202)

Good start.... then 70 minutes of long ball rubbish. Lucky to get a point. (@northumbrian_)

Not a bad point, probably would’ve been 3 if Eardley was correctly sent off. Awful reffing (@xx_glenny)

Awful, very little football played. (@dubhead77)