It was a familiar sinking feeling for Blues fans as Carlisle United once again lost a lead.

Their 2-1 defeat in the fog at Colchester was their fifth loss in six matches.

United supporters who watched the game on iFollow or followed it in other ways gave us their views on Twitter afterwards.

We need a goalscorer an out and out goalscorer. Not a striker that is getting played on the right. Quicker decision making by Beech with changes and not wait until the last possible second. (@Luke_Graham_)

So weak mentally. We were ok at first but as soon as we conceded the pen we collapsed. Beech yet again too late to make subs. Squad and manager need to step up. Colchester were terrible and we’ve still dropped points. (@parkinsonross)

Armer for Anderton. Charters for any of the midfield. Alessandra has to start. This is beyond silly now. (@MansfieldMoonie)

The story of the blues springs to mind (@sammymac23)

Carlisle lost control of that game. Again. A game they should have seen out and put to bed. It's not that they played badly, it's that they cannot play well enough for long enough. The side has, at the moment, lost its resilience and is wilting when in trouble. (@BackoSkiddaw)

Dreadful really. Go a goal up and in control against very poor opposition. More ill discipline to give a penalty away and then we crumble again. We are completely devoid of any confidence. Team selection and use of substitutes continues to be baffling as well (@mattselliott)

11 points, ELEVEN points dropped from winning positions in 4 games, what is going on, surely there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we are attempting to manage these games of football....feel sick thinking about it (@phleaslittle)

Lost to the worst team we’ve played all season. Gave a joke penalty away. I switched off after their second. Such an obvious result. Embarrassing. (@MartinScarboro4)

Completely controlling the game against a team offering nothing going forward then collapse again. Embarassing. (@sheri_91)

Where are the strong voices on and off the pitch? Where are our leaders? We concede and 11 heads go down. Beech needs to recognise that we are in relegation form and he’s our manager. No credit here for starting well and failing. I’ve watched decades of that now. (@8thofMay)

Discipline and confidence have gone, too many silly tackles giving away penalties,no composure on the ball and it just gets launched up front. Alessandra is a mystery..manager needs quizzed why he is not playing, links play together stopping so many long balls. (@reaypa)

Just dire in the last 20 minutes. Had no idea how to get back into the game. Manager taking way too long to make changes and then only makes two. No belief, no leadership out there. Lose on Saturday at Morecambe then you have to start asking serious questions. (@leerooney)

Quite simply put ‘Embarrassing’ (@soi6cufc)

Players clearly shot of confidence & mentally can’t hack being badly out of form. Can’t even think about playoffs at the moment, never mind any higher. Am accepting the season is just filtering out into disappointment as per. Used to being let down are us blues fans...Who cares. (@Adwhitfield94)

We need to go 2-0 up again. All if's/but's BUT they're so lacking confidence. 1-0 feels like an equaliser is on the way. An equaliser is then a nailed on defeat. Don't care how, but they have to find a way to win again. Could easily spark a winning run equal to the current slump. (@1StevieKilner)

Gutless and clueless pretty much a carbon copy of Saturday seems to be a lack of leadership in the side and Beech is leaving it too late to change things however tonight was always going to happen against a side with no win in 14! (@NavyDave94)

Very disappointing. Decent first half then lost their way again. We can't just blame a terrible referee - which he was. I also sensed a lack of fight and urgency. Lacking a tough streak. Rolled over a little too easily. (@scholes_peter)

Maybe the truth is, we are just a mediocre team that had a good wee run and have reverted to type. Although Beech is possibly overthinking with rotation and picking Tues team while also thinking about Sat's team rather than playing the best available team (@DaveGMcM)

Think we need to boycot the next home game send the season tickets back (@AlistairWest6)

Need Anderton out of that team he's too slow and makes stupid tackles, Mellish also needs to be dropped he maybe scored today but he's a headless chicken, Alessandra needs to come back in as well (@markbeattie32)

I’m gutted! (@Alan_Matthews)

I didnt recognise that performance by Shamal George....he's certainly knuckled down and improved, fair play to him. (@LindaNi121202)

We’ve gone from being a bit rusty against top teams like Forest Green to genuinely poor against strugglers. It’s an alarming tailspin. January signings not looking so clever at the moment, we are overloaded with non-scoring strikers while the spine of the team looks fragile. (@mlgraham73)

First half no comment didn't see much. Second half 1 up again + can't finish teams off anymore its just gone from bad to worse. In 4 games we've given 4 pens away when there was no danger. Being realistic I think that's the end of our season now. Was so good so much promised. (@EricGre35402887)

Absolutely fell to pieces. A game we were the better team and reasonably comfortable, and we completely throw the final 20 mins. Is this becoming a recurring theme late on in games? Beech has a real job on his hands getting us out of this rut. (@RyCUFC)

Gutted! Game was there to win. A silly foul for the penalty changed the game. Very worried that we struggle to change games that start to go against us. We have no options other than plan A. Why are we not playing Alessandra we’ve always worked at our best when he plays. (@fish_blues)

First half was average performance, second half was terrible, I detected either a lack of fitness or lack of commitment from some players. Referee was a joke also, he should not be refereeing with the decisions he made. Not sure how we get out of this sequence of results. (@peterjo91525330)

Let a very poor team back into the game. What on earth that penalty challenge was meant to be I have no idea. Again felt the forwards didn’t have a great game. (@HarringtonJoe)