Chris Beech says he and Carlisle United will continue trying to “ignore the background noise” of an increasingly chaotic season.

It has been a week of upheaval for the Blues, who saw Tuesday’s latest trip to Harrogate thwarted by a power failure whilst the squad also suffered three positive Covid-19 results.

United are now preparing for Saturday’s trip to Mansfield, as Beech’s League Two leaders hope to resume their campaign with depleted numbers.

Carlisle, like many of their counterparts, are now facing further fixture congestion at a time there appears little appetite for the EFL season to be paused or extended.

United’s head coach admitted it is a highly unusual and challenging time to be working in the game but said the Blues would continue doing all they can to succeed.

“It’s a crazy time, it really is,” he said.

“I think we’re trying to squeeze in fixtures rather than pick fixtures for better times.

“People can see forecasts, and stuff like that, but it’s just the way it is.

“I think the EFL are trying to get the games in and, at the moment, the world just seems a bit crazy.

“You’ve got to try to ignore the background noise and if you are due to play, get out there and do it to the best of your ability.”

Asked if he felt there was a case for extending the season, given the recent spate of cancelled games, United’s boss added: “If you look at weather, and how it’s been over the last 10 years, there’s perhaps a case for that anyway.

“This year, it’s been a bit different with pre-season being so short.

“Amateur lads used to play Saturday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday when they got the chance, so you might see the Football League doing that by the time this season pans out.”

The three players who tested positive on Monday and did not travel to Harrogate are self-isolating and will miss Saturday’s game as well as next Tuesday’s rearranged home clash with Leyton Orient.

A fourth player is to be tested after showing symptoms on Tuesday morning.

Many other clubs have already seen games suspended, or had to go into them with weakened sides, because of Covid-19 infections.

Some in the game have called for the season to be halted.

Beech, speaking after Tuesday’s postponement, said: “I have a personal view, but that’s between me and my family.

“I’m so thankful of everybody who puts their lives on the line as they help others. I spend a lot of time in hospitals with [my son] Brandon [who has cystic fibrosis], so I’m always very grateful to anybody who works in the NHS.

“They’re protecting people outside their own families, so well done to them.

“In terms of representing us as our manager, if I shared the last 12 hours with somebody, you might be making me a cup of tea and making sure I’m ok.

“It is what it is and the Football League are telling us to crack on. Nigel [Clibbens, Carlisle’s chief executive] is very supportive of games getting played; he has more know-how of that level of conversations within the Football League and I’m basically doing as I’m told as our manager to make sure we represent ourselves to the best possible outcomes we can get from each game.

“If you’re a builder you want to turn your cement mixer on, get hold of your trowel and find your bricks, but if everybody keeps moving them, then asks you why you haven’t built the wall yet…that’s the kind of position you feel like you’re in.

“We have people at home who are pregnant, one of our players lives with their in-laws who are very old, and there are different things out there that are affecting players’ minds.

“We will do our best within the current situation to give our best. That’s just the way I’m made and thankfully the players we’ve recruited are very honest.

“That’s good because it would be a right minefield trying to get a team together if they weren’t like this. They’re respectful of the position we’re in and we try our best to represent Carlisle to the best of our abilities.”