Chris Beech says Joshua Kayode would be best served by staying with Carlisle United for the rest of the season.

The Blues boss says loan striker Kayode is loving his time at Brunton Park.

And United are hoping for the green light from Rotherham that will see the frontman remain with the Blues for the full campaign.

Kayode is on a season-long loan and while Millers boss Paul Warne last week said the striker will stay out on loan, that did not appear to rule out the risk of the player being loaned elsewhere.

Beech, asked if United were yet certain of Kayode remaining, said: “Nothing’s ever finalised until it’s done.”

But the Blues boss said he has spoken to personnel at Rotherham and stressed the value of Kayode staying in Cumbria.

“The best thing about a player who’s on loan – and I know Rotherham got promoted with players on loan who went back to their clubs after they finished what they did – is to make sure the player feels comfortable, happy, to make sure the player’s getting what he needs to get out of it, and to understand he’s at a club where he’s coached and challenged to improve, not just a case of allowing him to play and he’s not ours.

“JJ has improved dramatically because of that.

“I know he’s disappointed with his personal goal tally and I understand – I’ve shown him why that can improve and talked to him about it, like I do with all of our players; whether they’re the youngest or oldest in the squad, we can all get better.

“I think Rotherham appreciate that. They see he’s improving which, in turn, gives them a medium to long-term investment.

“I think by him being here gives JJ the best opportunity to do that.”

Warne said Rotherham had received a number of enquiries about Kayode’s loan status recently.

The Republic of Ireland Under-21 international has been a key player for the Blues in the first half of the season.

Beech added: “In terms of JJ as an individual, he loves being here and being given the opportunity to improve.

“We’ve all seen he has done that if you compare the Cambridge fixture [on the opening day] to Walsall [last weekend] – over three or four months of football, he’s definitely learning.

“I did listen to and watch Paul [Warne]’s interview, and I have spoken to his assistant manager Richie [Barker] who’s a friend of mine, and we’re very thankful of the fact he’s looking to do that with him [leave him out on loan].

“I agree with his comments of what he’s made of his striking prowess at Rotherham. JJ can then look to return possibly in the summer and make a big impact.

“Rotherham may still be in that division [the Championship] or may not be, but it’s opportunity for him to bed in at a full season’s worth of football [here].

“That goes for all our players. There’s not many lads who are seasoned campaigners and it will be interesting to see how we get on in the second half of season.”