Chris Beech says he wants to get the best out of Danny Devine – by making him angry.

United’s boss said the summer signing will bring his best qualities to Carlisle’s midfield if he is provoked.

Devine played a key part in United earning the penalty which allowed them to take an early lead at Sunderland on Tuesday night.

The ex-Bradford man is now pushing for a call-up into United’s league side, with the Cumbrians at Port Vale tomorrow.

Beech said of the 23-year-old’s midweek display: “It was more like what we know Danny can do.

“I was disappointed with his performance against Fleetwood in the Trophy, as he was, but he’s responded and shown great character.

“I’ve had a chat with him about changing pace, because he’s a very fit person. He covers a lot of ground, he’s strong, but it’s very difficult to get him angry.

“I’ve told our staff that I want to try and ruffle his feathers a little bit, because it’s no good having those attributes and not bringing them.

“He did against Sunderland, so well done Danny, and long may it continue as it progresses his career here at Carlisle.”

Beech has also issued a challenge to young defender Jack Armer to unseat captain Nick Anderton from the left-back position.

Ex-Preston man Armer made his first Carlisle start against Sunderland and gave a solid display.

Beech said: “I told Jack, ‘Make sure Nick can’t play another league game this season, that’s what you’ve got to do tonight’.

“That’s what football is. In your squad, you’ve got to be competitive. I made sure Nick was in earshot when I told him.

“Jack did well considering he’s not had the four-week pre-season block – he missed it [with injury].

“He’s been out of squads and back in squads; what a great attitude to then say, ‘Yeah, come on, let’s have a go’.

“He did well, played some great balls first half, did really well on a one-v-one. I was quite confident leaving him against his opponent, making sure Jack Diamond didn’t cross that ball regularly, and he definitely did that.”

Beech has also praised his colleagues at United for their help in getting Aaron Hayden’s red card against Barrow overturned.

The centre-half saw a three-game ban quashed on appeal.

Beech said: “It was superb work from everybody, from Jacob [Blain, United’s analyst], myself in the car ringing up people for advice on how we could go about this, Nigel [Clibbens, chief executive] and Sarah [McKnight, secretary] cracking on with doing the paperwork correctly and getting the appeal in the timeframe, and as professionally as it was done.

“I get to see it before it goes and it was very well-written and quite right.

“It wasn’t violent conduct. I’ve played myself, I know what is purposeful action and what isn’t.

“It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t clean but if you’ve got a 14-stone lad about to land on your belly and the other thing that starts with ‘b’ down there, you’re gonna protect yourself, aren’t you?”