Carlisle United boss Chris Beech has told his players: stop giving gifts away and start delivering.

The Blues head coach is hoping for an improved showing when Southend visit Brunton Park tomorrow.

The Cumbrians have shipped nine goals in their three games so far in respective competitions.

Beech said eradicating the defensive errors that have seen some of those goals conceded too easily will be key – as well as being dynamic at the other end.

He said: “We just have to make sure we stop giving gifts away, have a good foundation, have freedom within that and, as I said to the lads…I just want postmen.

“’What are you on about gaffer?’ they said. [I said] I just want you to deliver the package to the lads to express themselves, without giving it away.

“How do you get your Domino's [pizza]? It doesn’t get squashed through your letterbox before you’ve even eaten it. You just need to deliver. Have a platform, deliver and crack on.”

Carlisle have conceded avoidable goals in each of their three games so far, including set-piece flaws against Fleetwood and Oldham, and an opener for Cambridge last Saturday when two defenders went for the same ball.

In contrast, Gime Toure’s goal in the EFL Trophy game against Fleetwood is the Blues’ only goal so far.

Beech said United are not wanting for effort or commitment but a more “relaxed” mindset could help his players.

“I would suggest the will and energy in that squad, as a reporter or supporter or anybody attached to the squad [would see], it really has great drive to represent Carlisle and its community,” he said. “It does have that understanding.

“It’s probably a little bit too strong. Relax, and then enjoy. Because that will make you play better.

“It’s very hard to explain to the lads in any walk of life…there may be some chaos in surgery but the main man has to make sure he’s calm, not erratic and loud and makes those mistakes that are massively consequential. As a player, let’s be controlled.

“The first thing’s pretty obvious – stop giving presents away. We’ve been very gift-like with our League Two opposition.

"To be 2-0 down in both games [against Oldham and Cambridge] at half-time puts everyone on the back foot. There are different situations for everyone and how they express themselves at that point.

“Stop doing that, give yourself a fighting chance and within that, the lads will excel and do very well. They’ve just got to relax, got to make sure they’re doing the right things the right way.

“There was nothing in the games but complete gifts. Remove the gifts, and it would be nice for me to receive a couple of presents.”

Beech could have Dean Furman back in his squad tomorrow after a hamstring problem, while Aaron Hayden is likely to be involved despite being substituted with dizziness at Cambridge – something Beech said may concern a digestive issue.

Carlisle’s boss could again involve recent loan signing Ethan Walker in his squad for United’s first home game of the league campaign.

Beech said after United’s last two defeats that he could not tell how good Oldham and Cambridge were, because of how easy Carlisle had made it for them to score.

He said the way his own side now responds will also be revealing.

He said: “I was very excited when we beat Wigan in pre-season, and Phil Parkinson [the Sunderland boss] was very complimentary about our first 62-63 minutes against Sunderland. I know our goal was a bit scrappy but it was quick thinking…and we were excellent.

“At that stage I was feeling pretty good. Then you get three injuries that are non-available for Fleetwood. It happens, we’ve not got any rhythm, but it will come.

“How good we are will be determined on how we can deal with these things that happen. You never get everything on your own terms.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out if you keep giving things away, you’re making it so hard to get what you want. So stop it.”

Beech said that getting back into better form will be down to the players’ mindset.

He said: “You can’t take them for a night out and have a beer; in the old days you could release pressure in different ways, but obviously you would never encourage doing that at the wrong time.

“The lads just need to relax, go out and be who you are. We’ve recruited some really good characters, some good energy and fit players, and players who can look to compete in and win any League Two football match.

“That’s across the team, not just at the front. We can look at Aaron [Hayden] and at where he is now compared to when I walked through the door, and the difference you can see in different people.

“We did have a core group of six or seven players who were part of that last year, so it is a new team, but there’s still a core to it. We need to stop giving these gifts away and start enjoying the challenges that are in front of us.”