We won't put ourselves at risk over new transfers, says Carlisle United director of football David Holdsworth.

With the news of transfer dates for the new season confirmed, Holdsworth said the Blues will remain careful as they look to get a competitive squad.

He told the club website: “It does help a little bit to have the transfer window dates confirmed. What we’d really like is a final decision on start dates for the season, because the transfer window is what it is.

“Clubs have been careful with the way they’ve gone about their business, and rightly so, and with us we’re doing our business privately and quietly. We’re doing everything we can so that come August, or whenever things start up again, we’ll be ready.

“We’re aware of where everybody else is because football can be quite transparent sometimes. We’ve been very careful, and I hope other clubs are doing the same thing because we all want to see competitive leagues without clubs putting themselves into places they shouldn’t be in, certainly from a financial point of view.”

He admitted the club did not have a huge budget but that they were determined to be competitive.

“Carlisle United has got to be here, we can’t put ourselves at any risk whatsoever," he said. "We’d be stupid to do that, so we’re not. We’ve been very careful and mindful that housekeeping has to be done correctly. I won’t put us at risk in any way, shape or form.

“Likewise we want to be competitive and salary caps might come in, but they might not. We just don’t know whether that will come to fruition or not as we speak right now. If it does it may hurt other clubs more than it hurts us, because of where we are anyway.

"We don’t have the biggest budget, but we’re not prepared to have the biggest budget because we’re not going to put ourselves at risk. We’re not going to put the hard work that’s been done for years at jeopardy by being stupid or irresponsible. We must do our work correctly.

“Like I say, we know where we are. We don’t pay the biggest wage but it’s my job to make sure we’re using what we do have effectively. The fact is that if you’re going to put your club at risk all you’re doing is letting your supporters down.”

Holdsworth said he was not ready to reveal his hand over new signings for the Blues squad but he admitted they have been working hard on recruitment.

He added: "We’ve done some business nicely and we can’t particularly put things through the front door at the moment, but we’ll keep doing what needs to be done and hopefully they’ll come to fruition. I haven’t stopped working on the recruitment side of things and I’ve enjoyed it."