Fans of Carlisle United are being encouraged to get behind their club as a new arm of fundraising is launched, contributing to the Carlisle ReUnited Fund.

Carlisle United Official Supporters’ Club are promoting the fighting fund with a song first recorded in the 1970s to celebrate the club’s “finest hour”.

A recording of Looking Good - We’re Carlisle United which was first performed by actor and fan Tim Barker in the 1970s has been unearthed on YouTube.

The song was released during the “nail biting” 1974 season when Carlisle United secured promotion to the First division.

Mr Barker said: “It was terrific to be involved with at the time. It was a nail-biting season and it was stunning when Carlisle went up.

He said: “But football’s not all about success – it’s about supporting your local team. It’s about the community. This is a fun idea and I hope it is a big success.”

Carlisle United’s anthem was written and composed by Andy Titcombe, one of the founding members of the Carlisle United Supporters’ Club’s London branch.

Andy said: “I recall Woolworths put in an order for 200 copies and we thought we had a No.1 hit on our hands.”

The supporters’ club are hoping to see the video reach 3,000 views and they are asking fans to pledge a donation for when it hits the target.

All proceeds will contribute to the Carlisle ReUnited Fund which hopes to give the club “a future worth keeping.” Like many football clubs the Blues are seeing a period of financial hardship as play is suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Blues’ main sources of income including match and season tickets have been removed after the season was suspended.

Carlisle ReUnited has already reached £3,000 in donations from fans who want to support Carlisle United through a difficult period.

Malcolm Nugent of Carlisle United’s supporters club told The Cumberland News: “A lot of the younger supporters won’t remember this, they might have to ask their dad or even their grandfathers. It was a special time in Carlisle’s history.”

He said: “It’s nice to relive some of the good times.

“The campaign is trying to raise cash to help the Blues get back on their feet after the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly if next season kicks-off behind closed doors. It also wants to re-connect, re-focus and re-energise fans.

“If we can get something like this to take off, that’s how we’re going to boost it.

“Over £3,000 was raised in the first few days.”

However, he added that the supporter’s club are in it for the long haul as the situation has been called “no quick fix”.

Mr Nugent said: “The plan is for this to keep growing.”

Earlier this month, Carlisle United backed the vote by League Two football clubs to end the 2019/2020 season.

The side had nine games of the season left to play but with relegation and promotion unlikely it was the right outcome for them to close play. When reacting to the news, supporter’s club board member Alistair Woodcock said that finishing the season behind closed doors would not be viable for United.

To support the Carlisle ReUnited fund, visit: