Carlisle United’s Director of Football has spoken out about the challenges facing the club in the coronavirus outbreak in a recent interview, revealing that it is an unwelcome pause in head coach Chris Beech's career.

Were it not for the Covid-19 outbreak, Carlisle United would be two weeks from the end of the season however they are now forced to look ahead with no certainty on when normality will resume.

In an interview on the Carlisle United website, Director of Football David Holdsworth said: “The difficulty is that, as things stand, we still have nine games of this season left to play.

Holdsworth spoke on the difficulties facing head coach Beech.

“Thinking about Chris, he has short term deals and loan deals which end before any restart will come into effect. We know that as a fact, so where will he stand with that when it comes to getting the nine games done?

The director of football gave his opinion on the mindset Beech should have.

“For Chris, he has to have a restart of this season in mind but he also has to look at what he would like to do for next season because it’ll come at us very quickly once things start moving again.

Carlisle United are taking the time to regroup and weigh their options.

In his interview on the Carlisle United website Holdsworth said: “That’s why we wont rush into anything, because what if it all changes again? There are real concerns on the playing side of things about what we should do or even can do next, but it will all become clear once the main task of beating the virus has been achieved.

“This is why we’re all working so hard behind the scenes because we have to do what’s best and right for Carlisle United.”

He also spoke on the sate of the game while leagues are postponed.

“We all want the EFL to give clarity as soon as they can but I think the EFL themselves would love to be in a position to do that.

“But how hard must it be for them to find the best way? Within our club, as we talk, we’ve all got different ideas on whether it should end now, or should we wait as long as we can? Should we get behind closed doors?”

He added that it a source of constant debate and speculation.

“None of us completely agree.

“Whatever decision is made it will upset some and that is why my personal opinion is that we should just get on and make the final decision whatever that may be.

It was announced at the end of March that the Premier League and English Football League matches would not resume until April 30 at the earliest.

The situation is said to be under constant review with games set to return when it is the appropriate and safe point to do so.

In the English Football League’s most recent statement they revealed that they will work with the Professional Footballer’s Association to form a working group which will address the issue of player wages during the coronavirus outbreak.

Head coach Chris Beech is ensuring his players stay fit even in lockdown, anticipating the resumption of the league.