Egremont wrestler Johnny Moss has backed NXT’s Make It Blue campaign as he knows first hand the importance of the National Health Service.

NXT is the developmental brand of World Wrestling Entertainment, the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the world.

After seeing national success in his in-ring career, performing on high profile shows such as Progress Wrestling and ICW of Scotland, Moss opened his own wrestling school in 2014.

Since then his coaching has hit the big time. Moss is training the next generation of wrestling superstars at the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando Florida.

He has also taken on a producer role for the NXT TV show which exhibits the rising stars.

And he was coaching at the UK’s performance Centre in London when the latest coronavirus restrictions took effect.

“I was back in the UK working for NXT UK running a training camp in London at the UK performance centre – we taped six weeks of TV in Coventry.”

Weeks of TV episodes are filmed in bulk from the same venue.

“I was due stay home for a week but it all kicked off. WWE told me to just here. I’m grateful that I’m here with my family.”

Moss knows the vital work of the NHS as he had to undergo surgery last year to fix a diaphragmatic hernia.

Having experienced some breathing problems he was admitted to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle in May 2019.

Moss was told that his diaphragm had a rupture and his stomach and bowel were sitting in his chest cavity.

“The surgeon thinks I could have had this for 10 years or more. They did a hell of a job – I couldn’t praise them enough” Moss received 40 staples up the front of his belly. Moss is happy to lead the charge on the Make It Blue campaign.

“Everyone at NXT supports everything they do.

“They’re important, especially in our sport.” He added that the public should follow social distancing guidelines to support the NHS.