Three young Workington Reds Diamonds players have been scouted to go to the USA to play and study.

Nichola Rush, who runs Workington Reds Diamonds with husband Andy Rush, said: “We were invited over to Newcastle to a tournament to play, and won two of the four games and drew one.

“At the end of the tournament, one of our parents said they wanted to see me as we were ready for setting off home. So I went back and the scout said they were interested in numbers 7,8 and 9 – Alice Rush, Millie Crellin and Keeley Chatters.

“We then got invited back up to Newcastle for a sit down for them to explain the path that was on offer for the girls – the chance to play footy in America and come back after four years with a degree but also the possibility of signing professional!

“Alice personally struggled with her decision due to the position she was in with rugby – she’s on St Helens U19s books and has her third England trial approaching.

“But decisions were made and she can still continue her rugby until 2021 when they go to the USA.

“We are very proud that all three Diamonds from our under -16s were chosen.

“Also they have started a new fitness programme at Just Grind with Dave Straughton and need to be fit running two miles in 12 minutes, so they are also running three times a week.”