Workington Town chairman Les Smallwood believes the club faces the "hardest fight" in its 75-year history to survive the coronavirus outbreak, with income streams slashed by the shutdown of rugby league.

Derwent Park has, like Workington Reds' Borough Park and Whitehaven's Recreation Ground, been locked down for the foreseeable future and just as Reds have called for the help of their fanbase to deal with the loss of income caused by the COVID-19 outbreak suspending the season, Town are appealing for their supporters to help them cope.

Speaking in a live-streamed chat which included head coach Chris Thorman on the club's Facebook page, Smallwood asked fans to rally around and help in any way they can.

Suggestions put forward included donating 'virtual pints' which can be bought through the club's online shop, or joining The 1945 Club which provides exclusive content for members.

Smallwood said: "Our main income streams of sponsorship, bar revenue and matchday admission have dried up but we're up for this fight.

"We will, to a man, try and do everything we can to keep the club alive but we need the support of our fans now more than ever.

"I know they will rally around and they have in the past but this is probably the hardest fight the club's ever had."

The club are investigating any help they may be eligible to receive from the Government, particularly with paying wages, while the Rugby Football League is also believed to be engaged in discussions about aid for teams.