We asked Carlisle United fans on Twitter to tell us what they made of the decision to suspend football until April 3 at the earliest due to the coronavirus, what the authorities should do – and how on earth they plan to fill Saturdays without football. Here is a range of their views…

Craig Mattinson (@matty017) is one of the News & Star’s regular fans’ panellists, and he felt the move to postpone games was “totally the correct decision”. He added: “My personal thoughts are that the season should be paused and restarted in July/August, finish this season, small break then start again.”

Craig also proposed cancelling the EFL Cup and Leasing.com Trophy for a season, while introducing more Tuesday night league games to ensure a slightly later season can be completed.

“As for Saturdays without footy – tough, shopping is definitely off limits though..."

Mark Mandale (@cumbrianbluess) agreed that it was the right decision – “you can’t play games if players/refs/staff are sick!” Mark said he doubted games will resume in April “as that’s predicted to be when the outbreak will be at its highest.

“As for Saturdays, I guess it’s time to get a head start on jobs you leave ‘til summer..”

Jason Smith (@smithyblues) also said it was the right decision to shelve games, as there are “more important things to focus on”, adding that in his mind the season is likely to have ended now. “Can’t see it being completed…things are gonna get worse before getting better.”

Tracy Sturgess (@tracy_sturgess) felt that suspending games was the right move from a duty of care perspective. She added: “My only worry is the financial aspects for Carlisle… really hoping financial help from the Premier League will be forthcoming.” Saturdays, she added, would involve helping her son with his homework.

BeautifulBass (@BackoSkiddaw) echoed these views by saying: “Football is not a matter of life and death despite the great man [Bill Shankly]’s oft quoted comment.

“Different circumstances, I know, but in the War football matches were seen as a way to boost morale and to help keep some semblance of normality. If the Premier League can afford to pay over 260 million to agents in just one year, money should be found for the lower leagues in the form of a levy or tax. Additionally all PL clubs should play the next pre-season friendlies across the lower UK leagues rather than Asia, USA etc.”

As for empty Saturdays for “cack-handed, indolent football fans (of which I’m a fully paid-up member) will not be CFC, PNE, WBA or even QPR but the far more sinister and dangerous DIY!”

David Sowden (@Halpinforpope) suggested that trying to finish the season by the end of June, if possible, should be the aim. “If there’s no guarantee of that happening (should have clearer picture in late April) then declare season null and void and aim to start as planned in August.”

Some supporters felt the season may indeed have to resume in some shape or form. Garry Phillips (@polarisace1) said: “If there is no option other than play behind closed doors then do that and play every match via iFollow or some simple form of pay per view. All football authorities concerned need to act on this straight away.”

Mike Reid (@MikeReid13) was of a similar mind, saying: “Can we not play the games behind closed doors, then lift the restriction on Saturday matches not being streamed live? At least the clubs will be making some money from the £10 iFollow.”

Matthew Elliott (@mattselliott) felt it would be wrong simply to end the season now - and called for a measure which has since been announced. “It’s not fair on anyone other than those already in title winning/promotion spots. Euro 2020 must be deferred and then see if matches can be finished at a later date.

“There’s only really Liverpool who could have any claim to be awarded champions and a few teams who are probably already down (League One)," he added. "For everyone else it’s all still to play for.”

Conn_94 (@conn942) also said that, ideally, the season needed to be completed before the end of June to avoid any potential ramifications with regards to players being out of contract, adding: “Should point out that I’m sceptical that football will return on [April] 3rd.”

Scrounger (@samiaegean) said: “It will depend upon the length of the delay but I feel that this season’s league competitions must be completed, that also goes for the FA Cup. Forget about next season for now, get these competitions finished whenever, and let the clubs plan accordingly. May need to scrap the play-offs this time around and promote 3rd/4th placed teams.”

The financial implications on clubs at United’s level was a concern for many. Ben Burrell (@MrBenBurrell) said he hoped the EFL and Premier League would “come to some agreement to support clubs at risk of going out of business. My concern is that the reality that this will be the opportunity to kill off smaller clubs and replace them with B teams.”

Laura cufc (@laurabarr38) also worried about the ramifications to clubs’ finances. “Hope the FA come up with some agreement to help out.” As for filling that first Saturday without the game: “I was hoping to watch some other sport but most have been cancelled. So, at a loss what to do, think I’ll bleach my entire house!”

David Milburn (@dnm_thegoose) added: “Think something has to be in place for lost income for all clubs - could the rich Prem help those lower down? I would think the situation may mean further suspension/annulment of season, which could be a nightmare for lower-league sides.”

InTheCity (@inthecity_cufc) said: “The authorities in football have a duty of care, this is to be respected. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the declared the season null & void, but that’s unlikely. I’m set to go to Orlando in a fortnight, still mulling over decisions on that one!”

Owen (@owencufc) felt the suspension would not make that much difference and was “just going to stall it a little until the football starts again. The Government said they expect it to peak next year so I really don’t get what suspending games for a month will do, spread [of the virus] will still happen through work and being out and about. Only going to affect clubs with poor finances as they won’t get enough income and it will just have a chain effect and affect pre-season, transfer windows etc.”

Kyle Dixon (@KyleDixon30) said the season should end now and the top teams should go up, bottom sides go down, void cup competitions and start afresh in August. He was also “gutted” that non-Carlisle games he had planned to attend, such as England v Italy, will now be off, “but fully understand why, and believe the decision to be correct).”

Paul Bryson (@soi6cufc) said: “Personally I think that’s the end of the season…situation only going to get worse the next two-three weeks, can’t honestly see it getting played again.”

Avril Richards (@richards_avril), meanwhile, commented on football’s initial gesture to try and combat the virus’s spread. “The no-handshake scenario was a bit of a farce. I understand the sentiment, but then when someone scored they go and hug, jump on each other and kiss their faces off. Is this not a bit counter-productive? Will this continue to be the norm in April and beyond?”

From other fans, meanwhile, there was a range of options on how best to pass the time on Saturdays.

Mike C (@dubhead77), who was worried about the impact on clubs like United of the season not finishing, said: “I’ll be playing music and lots of it.”

Linda of the North (@LindaNi121202) said “Life as we know it has ended on a Saturday…will try and get out for a walk in the great Cumbrian countryside armed with a flask of Bovril and a pie.”

Vicci Thornley (@CUFCalways) said: “I was going to be watching the F1 too as well as listen in to the football, guess it will be more housework for me…"

Doug Murphy (@dougrmurphy) thought similarly and, like Vicci, felt the suspension should be widened - which it now has: “Well, I was planning on a weekend watching F1. It’s the right decision, but should be a blanket ban on all leagues and sports. Financial help should be passed from the top to the bottom when required.”

Big Mart (@djshabamba), finally, had a simple alternative to attending Brunton Park and other grounds. “Go fishing,” he said.