There was Cumbrian success at the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships at Loch Tay, Taymouth last weekend.

Judith Cameron, 50, from Cockermouth took first place for her age group in the 150 metre freestyle event.

The IWSA (International Winter Swimming Association) event took place on the Perthshire loch, with water temperatures of just four and a half degrees.

Even with wetsuits prohibited, around 150 brave swimmers - whose ages ranged from 20 all the way up to 80 - took part in various categories.

Cameron finished with a time of 48.6 seconds, which was impressive, considering she only had a short time to prepare for her event.

“I was very proud to win my race,” she said.

“I didnt know until four days before that I would be doing front crawl, so had no time to get used to putting my head in cold water.

“It was a totally unexpected win for me, having never entered this style of competition before. I think the competitive side of me got me through it.”

Cameron said swimming in cold water events has helped her wellbeing - both physically and mentally - after suffering tragedy last year.

“My sister passed away last July after a long and brave battle with cancer.

“Without a doubt the water has helped me immensely through some very dark moments.”

As well as her individual achievement, Cameron, and her swim partners, Suzanna Cruickshank, 37 and also from Cockermouth, Janet Stansfield, 50 and Claire Wallace, 37, finished fifth in the relay.