Carlisle City Deaf Football Club recently appointed Anthony Smare as their joint manager, to work alongside Jayson Kiggins.

Smare, who previously won the English Deaf League title with Sunderland, will assume the role on his own next season, with Kiggins stepping down due to other commitments.

After Sunderland disbanded, Smare - looking for another managerial job - was excited to take the position at Carlisle, clearly excited at the potential of the club.

“Carlisle City Deaf FC appealed to me, as the north east does not have a football team anymore,” said Smare. “I like the fact they have their own stadium and Brian Hall [Carlisle City chairman] is very committed to helping the deaf team.”

“I’m hoping to restructure the club using my experience, investing in youth - as they are the future - and at the same time, hoping experienced players will be brought in to reinforce the squad and turn it into a winning one”

Kiggins also thinks Smare is the right man to take the club forward, and thinks dividing the role between them for the rest of the season can only benefit the team.

“Having to share the decisions will be better for me and the club, as it will be more challenging and make it fairer than ever,” said Kiggins.

Smare seems to have had an immediate impact, as the side beat Blackburn 3-2 in his first game in charge, seeing them leapfrog their opponents in the table.