Chris Beech has not ruled out Carlisle United’s hunt for new attacking players going to the wire in the transfer window.

Beech said he has to be “patient” after suffering recent setbacks with certain targets.

The Blues head coach did suggest he could be close to a third January addition, replying to a question in yesterday’s press conference by saying: “Yeah, but…it’s at the solicitors and it’s due a rubber-stamp; if a medical goes through correctly I can tell you who he is.”

Beech, though, also said the nature of the market meant he may have to wait for other deals.

The head coach was speaking hours before Carlisle confirmed they had sold defender Jarrad Branthwaite to Everton for a "substantial" fee, Beech also saying he was due to go on a scouting mission last night

He referred to two players he had recently missed out on, adding: “They’ve [now] got in their [clubs’] squads, so I have to be patient, and it might be the on deadline day, where they bring people in and say that younger player that’s now in their squad can now go out, because they’ve just signed somebody else for £15m or £55m.

“I know I’ve got league games before that. We’re constantly, me and David [Holdsworth, director of football] and the staff, looking for opportunities.

“It’s not just a case of what I want – you’d just ring Liverpool up and sign the players. It’s about being available, it’s the finance, it’s the commitment to come in, it’s the agent, it’s the club and the negotiation over the wage, it’s our commitment to the wage if they’re on very, very good money, what are they prepared to let go, they want more, or they say, ‘Ok, we’ll help you, but if he doesn’t play…’ almost fining you – they want a loan fee paid back.

“How can you guarantee somebody the right to play? You often have to, to get the player. It’s not as easy as saying, ‘Please can you come and play for us?’"

Asked if he was prepared to go the distance in January, despite United’s urgent need for goals and points, he said: “I might have to, but if something in between comes in, you might commit. You’ve got to have all these irons in fires.

“I’d love to be sat here now, [posing for] pictures with a new 25-goal-a-year player, but they’re hard to find, hard to get, it’s hard to fit.”

Beech said one of the two players he had recently missed out on was at a Premier League club and had got back in their squad. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“The other’s been held back, and I was promised he’d be here last week. It’s so hard for me because I just want to tell you who they are and where they are, but I can’t.”

Beech said he “100 per cent” understands United’s need for attacking options.

The Cumbrians, fourth-bottom in League Two, have not scored in their last four home league games and have the second lowest home goalscoring tally in the Football League. They host Cardiff tomorrow in their FA Cup Third Round replay.

Beech added: “In the tight games [it helps] if you’ve got the individual who can score, and we have, but collectively we need three or four at the right time doing it.

“Nathan Thomas can win a game, Harry McKirdy can win a game, Hallam Hope can win a game, we do need more goals from set plays from our defenders, from our midfield areas, shots at goal.

“They’re all traits being encouraged and challenged on a daily basis, because it helps us win games. But we can’t win a game if we don’t protect our own house, and on Saturday [the 3-0 defeat to Plymouth] we let that in too easily. We haven’t done that too many times in the games I’ve had.”

United have so far this month brought in Wolves loan midfielder Elliot Watt and Derby defender Max Hunt.