Coach Nathan Rooney has tonight left Carlisle United

The club said the first-team coach has returned to Fleetwood, from where he had been on loan with the Blues.

In a short statement, Carlisle said the ex-Fleetwood No2 had left "to pursue other opportunities".

Director of football David Holdsworth said: "We wish Nathan every success in the future and we thank him for his efforts over the course of the last five months." 

His departure comes just two weeks into the tenure of new head coach Chris Beech, Rooney having been brought in last summer by former boss Steven Pressley.

The coach had been absent from the dugout for the last two games, Beech saying Rooney had been scouting.

Academy manager Eric Kinder has been helping the first team set-up in Rooney's recent absence.

In his press conference this morning Beech made no mention of the coach's imminent exit, but said he was looking at certain aspects of the set-up at United.

He also said he is keen to strengthen Carlisle United’s analysis capabilities as well as ensuring he can build a better team at Brunton Park.

The head coach said he would like to replicate some of the systems that were in place during his time at Rochdale.

He says he will be discussing different “options” with Holdsworth but, with the January window approaching, said player recruitment must also remain a priority.

Beech said: “I’m going to a game tonight, I’ll be watching players, and I might be going to a game on Sunday for a meeting with some people.

“I’ve got to try and get in front of a challenge that may come my way.

“It only helps at the moment. It’s hard and difficult because a lot of football clubs will have departments that do that for the manager. We haven’t at the moment.

“Forest Green, who we played on Tuesday night, will have a team for analysis, and I watched the Wigan fixture [on Wednedday] and they’ve got some unbelievable equipment.

“That’s in a reserve game. I’m thinking, ‘I haven’t got that for my first team’.

“I’ve got to try and 100 per cent concentrate on the three points, but build a football framework to support development, video analysis, feedback, things we did at Rochdale that were very good for developing players and making you more accountable; still having discussion but removing [aspects of a debate] with pictures – so we can say, ‘This is actually what happened, even though you perceived it [differently].”

On the coaching front, Beech added: “I’m trying to have continuity with the players, and ultimately have options in January. It utilises the situation or the best of Carlisle’s ability.

“Eric will dip in and dip out. He’s got his roles and responsibilities to develop young players at the club, and all he’s doing is [lending] his experienced eye, the odd word, information he’ll give me I trust, and it helps. His views are always welcome at my table.”

Asked if Beech would like to use recent FA Cup proceeds on the analysis side, he said: “Like anything, we’re a team here, and it’s not want I want, it’s what we want. It takes time to build things.

“I’m discussing it with David Holdsworth, trying to look at different options and opportunities, but ultimately we’ve got to try and look after the lads who are doing well for us, and try and recruit to be better.

“Because if we don’t we’ll always be the same, if not start going backwards.”

*Carlisle's FA Cup third round tie at Cardiff City has been confirmed for Saturday January 4. 

Kick-off is 3.01pm; all third round ties are starting a minute late as part of the "Take a Minute" mental health/Heads Up campaign.