Steven Pressley says he was assured he had “100 per cent” backing at Carlisle United just two weeks before he was sacked, and has claimed players cried in his office this season.

The former manager has spoken publicly for the first time since his dismissal by the Cumbrians, who yesterday hired Chris Beech as his successor.

Pressley was talking on BBC Radio Scotland where he discussed aspects of his time at Brunton Park – and the end of his reign.

The Scot said he had not seen the axe coming because of assurances he had received shortly before.

He also explained what he felt were the difficulties of the job at United, citing a "bottom four or five" budget and geography.

Pressley said: “I lost my job, like most managers, because results were perceived as not good enough. We accept that in the industry we’re in. But there are always reasons to why.

“When I took over at Carlisle we had to recruit 15 of the 19 players in the summer, we have a bottom four or five budget, the players that we recruited were players of potential, and the geography of the club makes it difficult.

“But I loved the job there, I had an amazing relationship with the players, and I’m disappointed because I never seen it [the sack] coming. No inclination at all.

“In fact, two weeks prior to my departure I was told that the investors were 100 per cent behind me, and there was a pick-up in results.

“But I accept that if results are not perceived as right, then us as managers, we have to suffer the consequences.”

Pressley was axed earlier this month after a Trophy defeat at Morecambe. It was Carlisle’s first defeat in four games but came amid a poor start to the season generally, with United sitting 19th in League Two.

The Blues said they had not seen enough “evidence of progress” in his 10-month tenure and, two weeks later, replaced him with ex-Rochdale No2 Beech as their new "head coach".

Pressley said that managers who are not given the most resources to succeed need time, adding: “I believe given the time at Carlisle I would have made a success of the club.”

Pressley also claimed that some of his players had been in tears in his office during the early months of this season.

Commenting on a perceived change in the mentality of modern players, he said: “This season, I had four players in my office crying. I had to cuddle them for 40 minutes. Because we’ve got a different generation of players now. Not the players I experienced when I was coming up through the games. There are so many facets to management now.”

Pressley referred to Walsall sticking with Dean Smith during a difficult start as an example of patience reaping rewards, Smith having since moved on to Brentford and Aston Villa.

He also commented on the pressures and outside scrutiny which a manager comes under today.

He said: “Until you’re in the seat, you don’t truly understand the difficulties of the job. I’ve seen a big change, even in the 10 years I’ve been involved, in the pressures on a manager. It’s got to the stage where when you win, nothing’s right, and when you lose, everything’s wrong.

“You’ve got to develop a real strength, almost have that rhino-type skin.

"The amount of abuse and criticism levelled at you is quite incredible these days, you’ve almost got to live in your own little bubble.”

Pressley said he is “hugely driven” to get back in the game and succeed in his next job.

He added: “Failing as a football manager is very much part of the journey now. I think you have to accept that and learn from it. But here are always circumstances to why you’ve failed. They are not always what people believe.”

Invited to respond to Pressley's comments on budget and "100 per cent backing", Carlisle said there was "nothing new to say" on the matter.

Chief executive Nigel Clibbens added: "We are all looking forward to Forest Green on Saturday and to getting on with business after the appointment of our new head coach."