Former Carlisle Cricket Club sub-professional George Munsey insists his commitment to play for Scotland comes before any opportunities he gets to play franchise cricket.

Munsey, who played for Carlisle in two matches during their 2018 campaign, scoring 80 runs, will feature in the Abu Dhabi T10 League for Northern Warriors.

The competition is set to start in the early hours of tomorrow morning and will run until next Sunday.

But 26-year-old Munsey, who qualifies to play for the Scots on residency grounds, says Scotland remains his priority.

“I think the perfect world is that I’m playing all formats for Scotland, and then, I’m travelling around playing T20 for as many teams as I possibly can,” he told The Cricketer. “I think that’s the perfect answer.

"But with these things, you don’t know what’s going to happen.

"You have to take it one tournament at a time and do the best you can, stay fit and keep enjoying the game."

These days, Munsey comes almost with his own unique selling point – a T20 strike rate this year of 166.45, and a shot he is developing beyond the norm.

Munsey is well capable of hitting a long ball, having been a scratch golfer at 16. Equally, however, he is as accomplished as anyone worldwide at switching his hands over.

His reverse-hit is a stroke he first unveiled out of frustration as he struggled to dominate a slow medium-pacer in a club game. Now, though, he backs himself to access the whole of the offside with the shot.

A hockey player in his youth, Oxford-born Munsey said: “I genuinely feel confident enough to hit right-handed over mid-off. Switch-hitting, for me, is not an issue.

"If I felt that the reverse sweep was the only thing on but they’d put a third man out, I’d just swap my hands over and hit in front of square."