Carlisle Thai Boxing Academy will aim for global success after another of the club’s fighters won a British title.

Three of the club’s juniors, Hayden Armstrong, Charlie Johnston and Jack McAdam, will head to Carrara, Italy, on Wednesday, ahead of the Unified World Championships. It will be held from Thursday until November 4.

It comes after 13-year-old Ruby Armstrong, Hayden’s younger sister, enjoyed success last Saturday.

Competing on the Warriors Rising show in Oldham, Ruby came up against Alana Hulme from JC’s Muay Thai Boxing Gym in her 11th full contact fight.

Both girls worked hard at the start of the contest but, as the rounds went on, Ruby began to dominate the encounter and left her opponent on the canvas on numerous occasions.

And at the end of a hard-fought contest, Ruby’s hand was raised as she was crowned the new Warriors Rising British champion.

There were also two other fighters from the Carlisle club involved at the same show, with Ben Harkness winning in the fourth round, while Luke Rotherham earned a draw.

Coach Mark Armstrong, the father of Hayden and Ruby, said: “For a little gym, we are doing very well on the fight scene.”

The club are due to be involved at a show in Carlisle next month, too.

It will take place at the Shepherd’s Inn on November 23, where Ruby will take on Elise Pannifer from Newcastle.