Two Carlisle Villa ABC teenagers have been in winning form either side of the border.

Gary Johnston was Villa’s sole representative as the club featured on Galashiels Boxing Club’s home show in Scotland, getting the better of his opponent, while Mikey Forsyth also was victorious when he fought at the Midland Hotel.

On Friday, 19-year-old Johnston was matched against Cambusnethan’s Jamie McCluskey in a senior contest.

Johnston started well, working behind a sharp jab on the front foot as he forced McCluskey back with two-punch and three-punch combinations.

The Villa man controlled the tempo of the bout from the centre of the ring, although McCluskey did have some success with a number of counter punches. At the end of the first round, Johnston came back to his corner the happier of the two boxers.

The second round started with Johnston keen to hold the centre of the ring and McCluskey trying to establish himself in the bout. But it was Johnston who landed the first telling shot as McCluskey was moving in, which forced him on to the ropes where Johnston continued to apply pressure. The second round came to a close with a sharp exchange with both boxers hitting the target, but it was Johnston who remained in control.

Informed by his corner the bout was his to lose, Johnston went straight on the front foot, forcing McCluskey back.

A looping right hand caught Johnston on the top of his head as he came in for another attack and McCluskey followed it up with a shot to the body. But Johnston covered up well and got back to controlling the bout, a bout he was awarded by a unanimous decision.

A day later, 12-year-old Jack Lindsay was in action for Carlisle Villa, matched against local lad, Malachy Lees, in a schoolboy contest.

Lindsay started brightly and was scoring with straight shots, although Lees countered with a right hook which pushed Lindsay back on to the ropes.

Spurred on by the home crowd, Lees was coming forward, throwing plenty of shots. But not many were hitting the target and Lindsay was countering well.

As the contest went to a third round, Lindsay continued to box positively, but it was Lees who got the nod on a split decision at the end of the contest.

Next, 13-year-old Forsyth was up against Malakai Mairs, also representing the host club, in a schoolboy contest.

Forsyth was a lot taller than his opponent and worked well behind his sharp jab, taking control of the centre of the ring to take the first round.

And the Villa lad didn’t let up, as he landed a straight backhand which rocked Mairs enough for referee Chris Anderson to call the bout off.