Workington Town boss Chris Thorman admitted lapses in concentration allowed West Wales to put them under pressure at times.

Town went on to win the League One clash 66-22 and virtually guaranteed themselves a play-off place but Thorman was critical of the defensive effort at times.

“I just didn’t think we showed enough respect to the ball to begin with and that put us under a little bit of pressure,” he said. “The scoreline at half-time was 30-6 but whether we were good value for that or not, I’m not sure.

“The couple of tries we conceded in the second half were disappointing, because it’s something we worked on a lot.

“Our marker play, staying square and being honest on both sides of the ruck and if that’s one of our negatives defensively. They got us on it a couple of times.

“We maybe didn’t respect the opposition quite as much as we should have but I’m always going to look at the 22 points conceded rather than the 66 scored.

“It was entertaining rugby at times, we scored some really nice tries when we were genuine around our ball plays and we thought through the middle and hit short passes to play through them.

“That’s when we got a bit of joy and that’s what we wanted to do, how we prepared to play.

“Defensively I’ll put it down to lapses in concentration rather than people not understanding their role as a couple of our middle forwards just weren’t concentrating at a couple of key moments which led to a couple of tries.”

Town are now sat in the final play-off berth but Thorman has not took his foot off the gas.

He added; “There are still two games so there are still things to play for and regardless we want to keep winning and keep being consistent.”