Head coach Jimmy Brennan is hoping Carlisle Villa ABC can continue to go from strength-to-strength.

The club, based behind Currock Road, played host to former world champion Robin Reid last Thursday with Joe Egan, Mike Tyson’s former sparring partner, alongside the 48-year-old.

It was organised by Tom McCarthy, of McCarthy Promotions Limited.

Sefton-born Reid won a bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, before claiming the World Boxing Council [WBC] title in 1996 as he knocked out reigning champion Vincenzo Nardiello in the seventh round in Milan. 

“It was absolutely fantastic,” said Brennan on the visit of the duo.

“For an ex-world champion, a high-profile world champion as well, to come to Carlisle, it was excellent.”

The event was designed to also promote Reid’s healthcare products.

Carlisle United have also used Carlisle Villa’s recently-renovated gym to stage training sessions throughout the course of their 2019/20 pre-season.

Brennan explained: “That’s started this year with their strength and conditioning training. 

“That went really well and we are hoping they will use us again next season.

“It [the gym] is not just a boxing facility now. We can only use it for so many hours a day for the boxers, so why not use it for the rest of the community, as well?”

It comes after Carlisle Villa spent their 2017 close-season improving their gym facilities after being awarded £68,000 from the UK National Lottery.

Brennan says that work, which helped provide the club with new changing facilities, is now starting to bear fruit, with the club having been open throughout the close-season this year.

He said: “The numbers have improved dramatically since last season already and that’s even before a glove has been laced. 

“Everything is looking good for the start of the season. We have more than 30 carded boxers this year which is the most we have ever had.”

Villa’s 2019/20 boxing campaign is set to get under way next month.

“It starts in September,” said Brennan. 

“We are looking to hold a skills show for the up-and-coming boxers at the Upperby Men’s Institute on September 8.”