Carlisle United are hoping fellow clubs will agree with their stance on protecting Saturday afternoon games from live streaming.

Blues chief executive Nigel Clibbens will attend the EFL clubs’ summer conference in Portugal later this week where the iFollow debate is likely to continue.

Discussions will follow last season’s trial which saw several league games streamed live to UK-based supporters for the first time.

This mainly covered midweek games, but there was controversy when some Saturday games that fell on international weekends were also broadcast in this way.

While Carlisle are in favour of midweek streaming, they believe Saturday games should be off the agenda for live online footage to a domestic audience in order to protect attendances.

Clibbens said: “It was a one-year trial, and there were a number of things in the trial that were one-offs to make the trial happen.

“That has got to be covered [at the Portugal meeting].

“Our position on iFollow is that we think Saturday 3pm kick-offs for streaming are sacrosanct.

“Similarly, we don’t think Bank Holiday fixtures should be streamed either.

“They may not be as sacrosanct as 3pm kick-offs, but Bank Holidays are part of the football culture, such as Christmas and Easter fixtures. Eroding that by streaming live…we don’t support that.

“Midweek fixtures we support primarily on the basis that, given the working patterns of people in their everyday lives, we think there are more of those people who would like to watch games and can’t go than people who would say, ‘I don’t now want to go’.

“We’ve got to be realistic and think that’s fair.

“The only other thing we have a strong view on is that we don’t think home clubs should decide whether games are streamed or not.

“That can lead to conflict between clubs. It needs to be a straight rule - either they are streamed or not.”

Other items likely to be discussed at the EFL meeting are the ongoing debate over the distribution of money to clubs at the various levels of the league.

Middlesbrough’s intention to sue Derby over alleged breaches of financial rules could also get a further airing among club chiefs.

An update on the EFL Trophy, which looks set to continue with its controversial ‘B Team’ format, may also be given.

Debbie Jevans is the League’s interim chair after the recent departure of chief executive Shaun Harvey.

The position of League Two representative on the EFL board is also set to come up for re-election.

It is currently held by United co-owner and ‘director of external affairs’ John Nixon. It will not be a surprise should Nixon stand again although this has yet to be confirmed.

Nixon is also set to attend this week's event in Portugal, in his EFL board capacity.