Carlisle Villa ABC clocked up the miles with two of their fighters attending the Hebden Bridge Boxing Club open show, near Halifax.

On Friday night, 11-year-old Jack Lindsay was involved in a skills contest where he faced Aaron Karim of Laisterdyke Boxing Club.

Lindsay couldn’t show much of his skills off in the first round, as Karim ploughed forward with windmill shots from the first bell. Despite a talking to from the referee, Karim only slowed down for a second or two, before he reverted back to non-stop swinging.

The referee had a chat with Karim’s corner at the interval and asked him to settle himself down and box. But after only a couple of seconds, once again, Karim lost control.

As the round was coming to a close, the referee halted proceedings and threatened to throw the young Yorkshire lad out if he didn’t calm himself down.

Karim took heed of the referee and the third round saw both boxers able to show off their boxing skills. 

Coach James Brennan said: “Jack will, hopefully, learn from the experience and take it to his next bout.”

Senior boxer Gary Johnston, 19, was the other Carlisle Villa boxer who travelled and faced local favourite Stefan Baxter on the top of the bill.

Johnston was up for the task and started the first round with a positive jab which enabled him to take control of the centre of the ring.

Baxter must of known he was behind following the first round and came out with more urgency in the second, though, a good counter from Johnston put him on the back foot again. 

With Johnston two rounds up, Baxter tried to respond but the Villa lad came good to win the bout by an unanimous decision.