Steven Pressley insists it is “ludicrous” for people to judge his long-term credentials to be Carlisle United manager based on the short time he has had in charge.

The Blues boss says he has not had the opportunity to impose all the methods he would like on the Brunton Park club.

Only if he is backed beyond this season will he be able to make all the changes he wants, Pressley added.

Some fans chanted for the Scot’s head during and after United’s defeat at Tranmere last weekend. The Blues are now preparing to host high-flying Bury this Saturday in a bid to revive their play-off hopes.

In an impassioned press conference today, Pressley said people are entitled to criticise United's recent poor run of results, but not fully assess whether he is right for the club over a much longer stint.

“I’ve got to remind people that I’ve been here 12 weeks,” he said.

“Part of the words I used at the start was ‘continuity’. Not to change too many things.

“For me to be judged in the manner I’m being judged in this moment is ludicrous in my opinion.

“I haven’t implemented the discipline I normally implement on a group. I haven’t implemented some of the training methods. I haven’t implemented my fitness regime. I haven’t implemented all my tactical ways on the team.

“I’m not looking for excuses. We’re not getting the results just now – accepted. But to be judged in the manner I’m being judged is ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous.

“If I had come in here, had the opportunity to change every aspect, and do it my way, then absolutely, judge me. But don’t judge me in that way [now].

“Yes, results haven’t been good enough. Yes, I take responsibility. But to ask am I the right man longer-term? Ludicrous. Ludicrous. Because they have not seen me in full as the proper manager of Carlisle.”

United have not yet clarified whether Pressley’s deal, which runs to the end of this campaign, will be extended.

There is no hint that the 45-year-old is under immediate threat but all at the club will be anxious for the recent run of one win in 10 to improve quickly.

A positive afternoon against the high-flying Shakers could ease some concerns but defeat, and a further slip away from the top seven, would increase pressure.

Pressley added that judging managers over a very limited time scale is a modern issue.

“If you look at a lot of success stories, they’re not based on short-term,” he said.

“The Huddersfield story, when they got promoted, the first six months in charge were difficult months for the previous manager [David Wagner]. Then he had a summer, and built everything they had to build, and they flew.

“Sean Dyche at Burnley [was the same]. We’d probably never have seen the greatest manager the country’s seen in Sir Alex Ferguson in the modern day.

“I’m not comparing myself with these guys. All I’m saying is please don’t judge me in the manner I’m being judged now.

“Judge me, yes, in that our results aren’t good enough. But to question whether I’m the right man longer-term? Judge me on what I do when I get the chance.”

Pressley appealed to fans to show their full support to the team for 90 minutes on Saturday whatever their feelings towards him.

He also said he is convinced Carlisle will make the play-offs in light of a number of rivals consistently failing to take advantage of the Blues’ own poor form.

“When you’re through a run of games like we’ve been through, and you’re still only three points off the play-offs, there’s somebody looking after you,” he said.

“Although it doesn’t feel like it at the time, and it didn’t at the weekend, I can honestly say this. I said to my family on Sunday, and to the players on Monday, ‘I think we’re gonna do this’. I really do.

“You can’t be going on this run and still be in this position. I believe this weekend will be our turning point. That’s what I genuinely believe.”

On the effect of the Brunton Park crowd this weekend, he added: “The first thing is we have to get our supporters behind us by the energy and the performance, that’ll never change.

“There was the disappointment of the game at Tranmere, I accept that, but vent the anger after the game. If the anger [has] to be vented at me, no problem, I’m the manager, I can take that. But during the game let’s get right behind this group of players just now.

“We need the support of the supporters, we need their energy, their vocal backing, all those things.

“If it doesn’t happen, no problem, vent your anger at me, but not during the 90 minutes. Let’s get behind this group of players. They need it just now.

“You could see at the weekend – we play really well, get a setback, become a little fragile, and that’s normal on a bad run. This is when you need the Carlisle supporters more than ever.”

Pressley added that, if given the chance long-term, the fitness of United’s players was one of the main areas he would address.

“I think that is the biggest aspect of any team,” he said. “Then, when you can do everything that’s asked of you physically, there’s no compromise when it comes to the tactical elements.

“You can carry out all the tactical elements with ease. And your decision-making becomes better, your concentration becomes better.

“I haven’t come in here and thrown that down. My job was to keep continuity, not to come in here and change everything. In time, I might need to change a lot of things, because this club has been in this division for five years, which is five years too long, and I have to be part of the programme to get us out. And I’ll do what it takes. If it’s not this year, one million per cent I will do what it takes

“I came into the job aware of the situation. There’s no grumble from me. The fans can do what they wish to do. All I’m asking of the supporters is get behind this group of players, no distractions for 90 minutes.”