Keith Curle planned to take Carlisle United to an employment tribunal following his departure as manager, it can be revealed.

Curle lodged a claim against the Cumbrians in the months after he left the club last May.

It is understood to have related to an unresolved matter concerning money due to Curle from his time in the United hot-seat.

Official documents show that Curle, now manager at the Blues’ League Two rivals Northampton, later withdrew the claim.

That may suggest the parties reached an agreement over the outstanding matter, though neither have spoken about the situation.

Court records show that the risk of United being taken to a tribunal was still alive until shortly before Christmas.

An official case document records the claimant as “Mr K Curle” and the respondent as “Carlisle United Association Football Club (1921) Limited”.

The case was recorded under the jurisdiction codes of “breach of contract” and “unlawful deduction from wages”.

A decision on the case was made formal by regional employment Judge Parkin on December 17, dismissing the proceedings after Curle withdrew the claim.

That judgement was then sent to Curle and the Blues on January 5.

The News & Star invited Curle, through Northampton, to elaborate on the detail of the case but were told the 55-year-old would not comment.

United also said they had no comment to make on the issue.

Curle managed United for nearly four years after taking charge in September 2014.

He left the Blues at the end of last season after “deciding to move on and further his career elsewhere”, following a 10th-placed finish in League Two.