Carlisle-born former Premier League striker Grant Holt has said Carlisle United's Brunton Park ground is "still rubbish" and the Blues board "have done everything to annoy me".

Holt, from Harraby, however, added "at least we know where we are" with United's board with issues around the ownership of fellow EFL clubs Blackpool, Charlton, Coventry and Bolton set to be discussed at an EFL board meeting today.

"Everyone’s got trouble, haven’t they? Everyone tries to keep up, that’s the trouble you have got," said former Workington Reds and Barrow man Holt on Jim White's show on talkSPORT this afternoon.

"I have probably been one of the worse people as a Carlisle fan to bash the Carlisle board for a long, long time, but at least they know.

"Our ground is still rubbish. It’s not getting any better.

"The only thing that was still half-decent - the Carlisle pasty - they have got rid of, they have done everything to annoy me.

"The thing is at least we know where we are [with them].

"That’s the danger, I think there are too many people coming in, chucking money here, there and everywhere, and you can’t sustain it.

"Wages are going up. You were saying this morning about people going for £100m, [Gareth] Bale is on £650,000 a week, it’s just getting phenomenal now, isn’t it?

"The lower-leagues just can’t cope. Unless you get a businessman who is going to come and chuck all his money into it, you can’t do anything – that’s the scary thing."

United didn't comment on the 37-year-old's remarks.