M-Sport Ford World Rally team’s Elfyn Evans, Teemu Suninen and Pontus Tidemand will be hoping for a classic Rally Sweden when the FIA World Rally Championship ventures to Värmland’s frozen forests – their later road positions meaning the more snow, the better.

As one of the fastest events on the calendar, which starts today, every second counts and the team are meticulous when it comes to ensuring the EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta WRCs can compete at peak performance.

Every detail counts and nothing is left to chance.

Heated side windows and radiator protection ensures the conditions don’t impact on performance, and high tech meets low tech with carbon fibre snow shovels and tow ropes ready to free stricken cars from the snowbanks. Even the car jack has a reinforced carbon foot to stop it from sinking into the snow!

Every detail has been considered for this unique winter rally, and the team are determined to realise their potential.

With two Scandinavians in the Dovenby Hall-based team, the stage is set and M-Sport are ready to show what we can do in the land of ice and snow.

For the first time, there will also be five top-specification Ford Fiesta WRCs in competition – Evans, Suninen and Tidemand joined by privateers Lorenzo Bertelli and Janne Tuohino.

Team principal Richard Millener said: “We’ve regrouped after Monte and are determined to do better in Sweden.

"If the conditions are good, all three drivers could have a good road position and, if that is the case, it will be important to make the most of the advantage.

“We showed some good speed last month and I’m confident that we can do the same on snow.

“Elfyn is a previous Rally Sweden category winner and people often forget the names he beat to take that WRC2 victory back in 2016.

"Teemu doesn’t have as much experience as people might expect when it comes to winter rallying, but he’s a quick learner and keen to show what he can do.

“And then there’s Pontus – the local hero who grew-up on these roads.

"It’s important not to put too much pressure on his shoulders as this is still only his second event with a new-generation world rally car, but we know his potential and he has already learnt a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some good times from him.

“It’s also going to be something of a highlight to see five top-specification Fiestas in the forests – our three manufacturer cars joined by Lorenzo Bertelli and Janne Tuohino.

"These cars are amazing to watch, and the more we can get out on the stages for the fans to enjoy the better.”