The founder and head coach of Wigton ABC believes the club are in the best position they have ever been in as they celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Having started in the Boys’ Club behind St Ursula’s Convent School, the club were forced to look for new premises after the closure of the school later in their first year.

But now based at Water Street Fitness Centre, Wigton are thriving.

Andi Crossman is delighted with how things are now going.

He said: “We went through some bad times but we are still here. We have never been in a better position.

“We were down in St Ursula’s School where we only had four bags. But it was not our own premise, we just used it.

"We were kicked out of there when the school closed. But we’re a huge club now. We have nearly as many boxers competing now as we had members in the whole club back then [when they were first founded].”

In the ring at the England Boxing North West Development Championships, Jack Dixon and Robbie Pattinson became Wigton’s first two regional champions in late September.

“When you say a club is going from strength-to-strength, that is literally what we are doing,” Crossman added.

“We are stable financially now. We have had two home shows and we have shows coming up in May and another one in December.”

The club also have run anti-bullying and mental health campaigns.

To celebrate their anniversary, Wigton are planning on running a Facebook giveaway, where they will offer free boxing starter kit.